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The world of online flirting is fraught with certain dangers that many have fallen victim to. Fraudsters and stalkers have at time managed to coerce people into parting with personal and confidential information only to be become prey to identity theft, harassment and having their bank accounts being wiped out. However, the flip side of the coin has seen online daters find the partners of their dreams. So is internet dating really worth it? Or is it just a hyped up trend that will pass in the coming days?

According to statistics, the internet dating industry seems to be heading upward with more people registering with online flirting sites owing to time constraints and a lack of dating opportunities in their home base. This is only natural as the desire to meet new faces can be all-consuming especially for those residing in small towns.

The good

1) Online dating offers an almost endless opportunity to meet new people from all corners of the globe. Whether it’s a same-sex relationship you want, a serious relationship or just a fling, the internet can connect you with people looking for the same thing as you are.

2) It facilitates you build a network of individuals which might work in your favor if ever you would like help.

3) You don’t have to be compelled to leave the comfort of your home to ‘go’ on a date. You’ll be able to have interaction in on-line dating even whereas you’re at work.

4) Net dating is ideal for people that are on the back aspect and don’t feel comfy meeting face-to-face.

The bad

1) On-line dating will open up a world of potential criminal intentions whereby unscrupulous folks attempt to cash in of others.

2) There are several reports of individuals falling victim to stalkers and sex offenders. The danger is heightened when the victim may be a minor who doesn’t grasp the ins and outs of on-line dating. Since sexual predators tend to cause as somebody who is far younger, the person on the opposite finish has no method of knowing the reality. This leaves them open to potential abuse, harassment and stalking. The trend has conjointly led to the institution of on-line cyber cops dedicated to rooting out offenders.

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