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507f962fc986d18102012.jpgServer administrators who want more freedom when it comes to managing their machines opt for a cheap colocation data centre. A data center refers to a facility that provides active servers with storage space. A data center acts as the nucleus of information technology. Data centers serve as warehouses for the immense amount of information that internet users the world over later access. A data center has the capacity to host thousands of servers which store millions of web pages. The benefit of a low - priced colocation center is that it can cater to numerous clients at a fair price.

Colocation is the sharing of internet facilities of a hosting center with other internet clients. It is an alternative to managed hosting. In managed hosting, the provider buys the server’s software and hardware and after some configuration, the provider offers the server online to potential customers. Managed hosting integrates dedicated/private servers and shared servers. A single client utilizes a dedicated server and he/she is responsible for all the repair and maintenance costs. A shared server, as the name suggests, is used by several clients and they each incur a specific amount of the repair and maintenance costs.The

A low – priced data colocation center is unique. The colocation host leases server space to potential clients who put up their servers there. The customer has the freedom to buy their own server software and hardware and they can also personalize the server according to their wishes. Managed hosting providers place restrictions on the extent of modifying a client is allowed to. These limits can include e.g. the number of domain names. Seemingly insignificant items such as the number of domain names (email addresses) are critical to the failure or success of a website.

Data colocation centers house the server(s) of a client at a fee. The centers typically have their own computer networks which link all the servers. This network usually has an IP sub – network (subnet) that allocates each server its IP address. The servers thereafter connect to the internet courtesy of the data colocation center’s network, which is normally completely secure. In most cases, a powerful firewall shields the system from threats/attacks. Additional security measures include: antimalware, antispyware and antivirus safeguards and programs.

Clients have different needs with regard to bandwidth, hardware choices, flexibility – no limits and internet connectivity. Colocation data centres from a reputed company like ServerSpace are able to cater for most of these needs. Another difference between a colocation host and managed hosting is the price. The colocation center’s price is usually as a result of benefits that will accrue over time hence it is usually higher. Managed hosting usually has a minimal upfront price. However, the higher upfront cost of security and installation of a colocation center is repaid later many times over because of the savings generated from utilizing a colocation host. This is a cost –effective approach, especially to clients who require huge amounts of bandwidth since you won’t be required to constantly make top-up payments.

Grade A colocation facilities have multiple internet carriers for clients to choose from i.e. they are carrier-neutral. These facilities offer more options to clients. The client has the freedom to choose a carrier which will provide dedicated internet connectivity and suit their needs. The liberty to customize and to personalize according to their liking makes colocation centers a worthwhile option. Choosing a cheap colocation option will take your online presence to a whole new level.

Many colocation centers have been operating for many years and this is testament of the exemplary services they offer. Carrier neutrality is a significant quality together with security. The capacity to meet the clients’ needs and adapt to these needs when/if they change is essential to the center’s success.
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