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When It Makes Sense To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Your business may have you to the point where you are thinking about using a colocation data centre for all of your data and hosting needs. Choosing to utilize this kind of hosting can be seen as a useful investment that will ultimately prove to be highly beneficial to your company. There are a number of different types of colocation web host providers including the popular or others, so take your time and find the one that will fit into  your business operations the best.

unmanaged colocation serviceA data centre has numerous things to offer to you and your business, including the physical space you rent for your technical equipment and hardware. They will give you a locked, rented space, for a yearly fee. Usually this fee will come with a packed protection plan so that you can remain confident in knowing that not only is your hardware secure, but your server will also be secure.

Managed Colocation Services

Managed  services consists of, of course, the physical rented space, and a high level of secured data. It also offers you constant, reliable maintenance and managed data through the hosting provider. Your equipment and server will be regularly monitored and you will be kept updated if any suspicious changes occur. It maximizes security and installs the newest upgrades for your software.

Unmanaged Colocation Services

This service means just that, unmanaged. If you choose an unmanaged plan for your business you  will be responsible for the maintenance of your physical technical equipment as well as any and all software updates you wish to have. Usually, with an unmanaged colocation service, the business will hire a team of technical support assistance to help in the maintenance and over all operation.

Which Is Better?

Since managed web hosts provide you with tools and staff, most businesses opt that it is the better choice of the two. When using a managed server your business is sure to get maximum bandwidth speeds and a constant direct stream right to the source. Although choosing a managed server may cost a little more than an unmanaged server, managed servers really save your business a lot of time and IT costs. Your business will not have to worry too much about their server and get back to concentrating on what the business is for. You could be confident in knowing that your software is continually undated and running. With an unmanaged server your company is going to need a team of technical professionals for maintenance and that can be very costly.


Either way, it is still wise to invest into  data centres. They offer great plans for each individuals needs without going too far off from budgeted allotments. Not only will your hardware be protected but your data will be protected. Colocation data centres allow enough power sources to guarantee unbreakable bandwidth services.  

This alone is a great investment. By providing you with a rate of nearly zero down times, no data can be lost. Your business will be able to completely eliminate having to house an entire team of technical professionals. This can save your business a big chunk of yearly costs. If your business hosts its own server it encounters far more technical problems than it would if in a data centre. If anything, your business would be investing in the security in knowing that their data and hardware would be safe.
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