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How Dedicated Server Hosting Can Benefit Your Organization

Dedicated servers have lately been quite in demand due to their excellent performance. A dedicated server is the one server that is owned by one and only client who uses it for sole ownership. These servers are new in the market of web hosting services but their demand is already increasing at a rapid rate. Following are some of the major benefits one can get from the dedicated servers:
1.    High Performance: As the user doesn’t share the CPU, memory or the bandwidth with other users as happens in a shared web server, the performance is overall excellent if compared to a shared web server.

2.    Reliability: As there is not much load on a dedicated server since only one user is using it, the reliability levels are very high and one can work without worrying about losing the data or other associated factors. While
working on a shared system this isn’t the same. A minor misconfiguration may result into errors and allow access to others to your data. A dedicated server eliminate that possibility.

3.    Customised Firewall: Dedicated servers have a custom firewall which the user can deploy according to his needs. Specific security and access regulations can be made through these firewalls. This feature is not available on a shared server where the user have to entirely depend upon the system intellect administrator to facilitate a feature like of a firewall.

4.    Customised configuration: In a shared web server, whatever features or software the system administrator or the company offering the service is providing you, are all you get. That can get a bit edgy and difficult to deal with in case you wish to make some changes or use a software that isn’t available on your server. Dedicated web servers solve that issue. They come with a large package of software to choose from. Also you may customise the server according to you and configure the software of your own choice.

5.    Unique IP address: Most shared web hosting servers have only one IP address which direct all the addresses through host headers. On the contrary, a dedicated server provided by say, has an IP address of its own and the client has full authority to it.

6.    Scalability: In a shared web server, expansion on its own seems almost an impossible task. In contrast, dedicated web servers are capable of being upgraded in terms of memory and features whenever the need should arise.

7.    Security: Shared web servers have a large risk on security invasions and threats by hackers and viruses. Although in a dedicated server, the circumstances are entirely different. The server is solely owned by the client and thus no one has access to it; thereby eliminating security risks.

8.    Service Level Agreements (SLAs): The dedicated servers come with a service level agreement that encompasses and ensures its safety and compliance with the rules and regulations. The shared web servers lack this aspect.

Thus it is quite clear that dedicated web servers come with good only, reducing security threats, privacy invasions, eliminating the hackers’ threats and dependency on the web administrator. Overall a dedicated web server is better than the rest web hosting services as is implied by its so many features only. You can get more information on how dedicated web hosting can benefit you and your company.
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