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What you Need to Know about Online Data Storage

505c327cdee1921092012.jpgThe use of online data storage has proliferated in the past several years. Online data storage has been praised by many and claimed as the newest, easiest, safest way to store even some of your most important data. But how safe is online data storage really? We’ve laid out some of the most concerning pitfalls of online data storage in this article so you can examine the practice and decide for yourself.

Before online data storage, all data was stored on a DVD, on a computer hard drive, or some other device that connects and disconnects to your computer. While these methods of storage are typically quite reliable, it seems that almost everyone has a story about a broken piece of hardware, or a crashed hard drive. It is not uncommon for this to occur. Specialists who created online data storage wanted to avoid the problematic nature of these separate devices completely. These developers have created numerous security measures that were unavailable in other storage devices.

One of these safety features is the use of the application RAID. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a last resort safety measure that can get back information and files from a crashed hard drive. RAID makes it possible for all of the supposedly lost data to be loaded onto a separate disk, preserving said data.

Another important safety feature with an acronym is SSL. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is a conduit that, by nature, is very difficult to hack. It moves data from computers to dedicated servers, and then back to the computers again. SSL works in a similar manner when applied to software. It provides a tie between the online network and the software installed on an individual’s computer. Data can then be transferred back and forth because of the secure tie formed by the SSL.

All files stores using online data storage must go through an encryption process. Encryption is a method that is extremely effective in keeping data safe. Each file is encrypted using a complicated formula. The files are then transferred to the servers. At this point, they can be accessed from all over the globe. But, these files can’t be opened by just anyone. Each user has a unique passcode that they must submit before they can open their “safe” data. The problem with this setup, is that while the encryption technique may be fundamentally safe. Passwords are often easily broken by hackers.

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This type of encryption is not always available to all users because it is a sophisticated process that has certain system requirements. As an alternative, there is a type of encryption known as server-side encryption that was developed for servers and systems that can’t handle regular encryption. Although not as sophisticated as standard encryption, server-side encryption is still a good safety measure to protect online data.

Online storage services do even more to ensure that your data is safe. They have physical data centers where their servers and other equipment that preserves your files is stores. These storage centers are extremely secure. Very few people have any access to these sites, and those who do often have limited access. These centers are protected by the most up-to-date security systems. Data centers all boast backup systems, and are specially designed facilities that can survive through natural disasters and other potential dangers. Data Centres can be found all over the world and whether it’s a data centre UK or one in the US, these service providers spare no cost to keep data safe. Check more data storage and online backup facility information at

So, is your online data storage place safe? We feel comfortable answering this question with a tentative yes. Theoretically, your data should be completely safe. The methods that data safety specialists use to protect your data are better than ever before. It seems that professionals have eliminated any possible method of lost data. However, as the technology of the good guys improves, so the technology of the bad. So, of course we can never fully invest our trust to these online storage providers. However, when used with the appropriate level of caution and wisdom, online data storage services are an excellent alternative to more traditions ways of storing data.
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