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From our customer feedback, we know that many players don't know the wizard solo in Diablo 3. In order to let most of players familiar with the wizard solo, we prepared thewizard solo guides for you!

The Wizard played a whole night and reaches 30 levels. And if you solo at this level 30, you will come to the big Pineapple. Unfortunately the big trick does not help much. In the initial time, there is no need to do the forgery and jewelry. The reward from the Boss is far enough. Then there comes to the skills combination:
The left mouse button: Electrocute (with Rune of Chain lightning) and the Right mouse with Arcane Orb (the second rune Arcane Orbit, which can deal long range damage and the explosive AOE). Compared with other wizard skills Arcane Orb is the most effective skill.
The boss can be separate into two types: The first type is that you can rush to kill, and use leveling skills turned directly kill or the mirror image. The second one is tricky one like the king of lies, and the big pineapple.
1. Diamond Skin—it is suggest using the second Rune Prism to reduce arcane power cost
2. Hydra—it can give a general beat around your enemies.
3. The use of Buff skills.
4. Mirror Image is a necessity to deal with big Boss.
Following this guides then you can become the most powerful one in Diablo 3. If you still have some problem, please visit.

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I bring these Diablo 3 Gold with jeans, leggings or sweatpants. I have received many compliments on this particular style. I plan to buy the chocolate pair soon. I absolutely love these Diablo 3 Gold!!!
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