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Terms and Conditions

When you access this website, you agree to be bound by theTerms and Conditions and all applicable regulations and rules set forth by theadministration of Orange County SEO. You also agree that you’re liable forcompliance with any laws that is applicable. If you do not wish to adhere toany of such terms, you many not use or access this website.

Use License

When you access this site and agree to its Terms andConditions, you are given the permission to download or obtain any informationfrom the site, provided that you are going to use such information for personaland non-commercial use only. This is actually the grant of license and undersuch license, users may not:

-         Copy and republish or modify the materials

-         Attempt to reverse or decompile any softwarethat is contained on the site of Orange County SEO

-         Use the information and materials for publicdisplay or commercial purpose

-         Transfer those materials to another individual

-         Remove any proprietary notations of copyrightfrom the material


Orange County SEO does not warrant or guarantee that theinformation and materials on this site are free of errors or mistakes. Inaddition, the website does not make representations or warrant concerning theaccuracy and the reliability of information from the site.


Orange County SEO shall not be liable for any damage, includingthose damages for loss of profit or data or because of business delaysinterruptions that arise from the use or inability to utilize the informationand materials on the website. Due to the fact that various jurisdictions don’tlet limitations on those implied warranties or don’t allow limitations ofliability for incidental and consequential damages, such limitations may not beapplicable to you.


Orange County SEO hasn’t reviewed the entire websites thatare linked to it and it is not liable for the contents of those linked sites.Any inclusion of the links does not actually imply endorsement by Orange CountySEO. The use of any of those link sites is at the visitor’s own risk.

Modifications on theTerms and Conditions

Orange County SEO may modify or revise these terms andconditions at any time without any notice. With the use of this site, you alsoagree to comply with the terms and regulations set forth in the current versionof the Terms and Conditions. 

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