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Memphis Barbeque - Seven Restaurants In Seven Days

Mention food at a ball game, and for most people that doesn't conjure up anything very tempting. Traditionally ballpark food has been pretty bad for the same reason it's so overpriced-you've got a captive audience of people, including a lot of families with children, that want to eat as part of the overall "day at the game" experience, and so will consume pretty much anything you give them.

Follow the "HOG" all day throughout the city as all the festivities get underway. Click here for a detailed map of where you pulled pork bbc food can catch this legendary piece of PBW history.

Their hamburgers taste like they were made on the grill at home. They come with fresh toppings like lettuce and tomato. You can even try a chili cheese burger. If you're not in the mood for hamburgers you can try fried chicken or their delicious slow cooker bbq bbq pulled pork carnitas. They even have hot dogs that are also pretty good. If you still have room after your meal Rush's has delicious soft serve ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, and apple turnovers. This is definitely not your typical fast food fare.

Our favorite Inheritance Valley wine was Two Worlds. This off dry red wine is a blend of two grapes that do very well here, Cabernet Franc and Norton. Another very enjoyable choice was Roadside Red, a little sweeter and softer on the palate.

Peanuts slow cooker bbq pulled pork a classic ballpark food. Peanuts are high in fat but they have a healthier fat that is better for your body (in moderation). Don't eat too many peanuts, though, because they are covered in salt.

A touristy destination where salsa bands play and boys dance on the bar. They have a main dance floor with other rooms such as the Mojito Room, Vodou Room, and The Jungle Room. Great place to take pictures with your friends and dance the night away.

Our next stop was the de-husking station. The corn was still steaming hot so we bbq pulled pork had to grip it with tender fingers tossing it up and down as we tried to tug off the cloth-like husks. Singed fingers aching, we took our corn and walked outside to where an umbrella clothesline had been outfitted with an armada of salt and pepper strung up like Christmas lights. We sprinkled our bounty lightly and then returned to the hill to enjoy the sweet corn.

I drove out to the village of Suamico to have lunch at the Rustique Pizzeria & Lounge. The restaurant is renovated and housed in a 112 year old chapel which still contains the original hardwood flooring. On the outside, in front, is a large wooden deck with wood picnic tables for outside dining. As you walk in there is a long bar with tables for dining and straight ahead is the main dining room that is an open concept with a beautiful wood cathedral ceiling. The kitchen is also very open with a large wood burning oven to bake their pizzas, and you can also view the preparation and baking as you dine.

"We're thrilled to welcome Pittsburgh beer fans to Hough's and celebrate this one-of-a-kind ginger beer, perfect during this fun Crabbie's happy hour or any hour of the day," says Phil Clarke, general manager of St. Killian, the exclusive US importer of Crabbie's.

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