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Come Home To Chicken In The Crockpot Or Slow Cooker

If you have an Irish heritage or you just think St. Patrick's Day would be a lucky day to have your wedding, you are probably irish stew slow cooker recipe a lose on how to plan a classy, elegant Irish celebration that is fitting to your wedding day dreams. Well, here are some great ideas to help you make your St. Patty's Day wedding as lucky as a pot of gold.

Slow cooking is another secret that makes Asian food so enjoyable to savor. It is a very affordable and easy to do technique that turns dishes into one hearty and juicy meal. Folks of long ago use clay pot or cast iron stew pot to slow cook food. These days, Asians have already learned the art of transforming favorite food into slow cooker irish stew or crock pot dishes by leaving all the ingredients in the slow cooker irish stew dumplings to simmer away. Plus, cooking meat, vegetables and sauce together in one pot is very budget-friendly that cuts down on washing up, as well.

You can make colcannon while your pot of irish stew cooks. Check out the video for the ingredients and directions for the Irish stew. If you want to make the irish stew vegetarian, just use vegetarian meat substitutes and vegetable broth.

Skip the Shamrock Shake. For better luck, steam up an Irish Cream flavored latte. The 16 oz. seasonal shake at McDonald's weighs in around 560 calories whereas a 16 oz. Starbucks latte made with 2% milk and a seasonal shot of Irish Cream comes in at 250 calories.

When it is time to melt the wax, be sure to have a pot made specifically for candle making, or create your own double boiler using a large pot for the water, and a smaller pot or can for the wax. It is never a good idea to simply melt the wax in a irish pot on the stove.

For another example, I served Cheesy Rotini with Broccoli and Ham to my family over the weekend. Dividing it up looked like this: pasta (carbs), ham (protein), broccoli (veggie).

For those who like to combine cuisine that's Irish and Greek, you might serve grape leaves instead of cabbage stuffed with scallops and potatoes. But that's called "greekirish." Or you might stuff the grape leaves with Irish stew, which in this case may be a mixture of ground lamb, potatoes, and green onions. To keep it Irish, use cabbage instead of grape leaves to wrap around the ground lamb, diced potatoes, and green onions. But if you go to Ireland, you'll still see that seafood is big over there--scallops and salmon, for example.

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