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Racing Achievement of Scott Tucker From 2006

About Scott tucker

Scott Tucker is the best race car driver, who is an American and his primary line of job involve exceptional equity investing in some areas like real estate, energy, financial service, automotives, internet technology, restaurants and hotels. To gratify his fascination with race cars, tucker made a small car museum at his home beyond the city Kansas. Scott Tucker Kansas City was the 1st American who is permitted to drive one of Audi’s multimillion-dollars, diesel prototype 200-Mph. Scott Tucker began racing in the year 2006 at 44-age. He had not at all driven a race before, and even he never seen a car race track. In 2006, for the initial time ever, Tucker drive R10 diesel prototype 200-Mph at the world’s biggest road race. Scott changed into one among the most expensive and complex racing cars in existence, at the longest and tough races on world. Despite without any experience before, he did very excellent.

Scott Tucker courage

Scott Tucker Kansas profession started in the year 2006, where he had performed a full section in Ferrari challenge series. He made a good decision to set up own car racing player, Level five-motorsports. Le Mans is a very long race. The car race takes place on an 8 mile circuit with French highways. With 24 hours of racing, tucker completed 397 laps – approximately the distance from London to New York at a medium speed of under 140mph. During the 4 year since Tucker started racing, he competed in a fantastic 91 events. During that time, Scott tucker has gained an astounding forty car races and been on the stage fifty two times. He competed in his 2nd Ferrari Challenge in the year 2007 and got championship. Tucker got 6 out of thirteen car races in the year 2008.

Great Achievement

Scott Tucker made great history in the year 2009, he succeeds in ten races in Ferrari challenge series and his outstanding racer team succeeds in the Dealer’s tournament. Scott Tucker’s journey came when he succeed in the America National championship sport club. Scott Tucker team was placed in the third position in all over the world at the Daytona 24 hours. In 2012, Scott tucker got the ALMS Le Mans Challenge championship. Scott Tucker presented excellent podium in the Twenty-four hours of Le Mans and Imola ILMC 6 hours. At the end of 2011, tucker has amassed five national champion awards. Along with the several championship and awards, Scott was the subject of a Documentary film, called “Daytona Dream”.

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