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Book of Impending Twilight, vol 2:

A book containing information regarding the spirit realm and the spirits that dwell within it. It also contains a few rituals regarding summoning of both lesser and grander spirits.
Among the information available in this book is the knowledge of the grand spirits of the shadowlands, and what they as beings of eternity represent.

Lumina: The Grand Spirit of Knowledge and Foresight.

Forag: The Grand Spirit of Domination and Despair.

Eros: The Grand Spirit of Harmony.

Vivicus: The Grand Spirit of Chaos and Destruction.
The First of the Grand Spirits to awaken within the Spirit Realm after its creation, and the mightiest. He is the spirit most involved with the mortal realm, creating war and conflict through his followers around the world. 
Dealings with him are both powerful and expensive. 

Leios: The Grand Spirit of Deception.

Ylinna: The Grand Spirit of Luck.

Mocritias: The Grand Spirit of Planes and Communication.

Viceras: The Grand Spirit of Mysteries and The Unknown.

There is a summoning ritual assigned to each of these spirits, and each ritual needs an aspect of the spirit summoned to work. Each ritual requires the expenditure of one permanent willpower point from the summoner. No real magical aptitude is needed.

Book of the Breaking Dawn:

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