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The Sabbat base their beliefs on ancient texts said to have been written on stone tablets by the original vampire back in the beginning of time.
They worship the first vampire as if he was God himself, and claim that these texts contain not only the laws he wants his descendants to live by, but also rituals to help them understand his will. Not only that, they also claim that if the vampires should stop following his rules, the first vampire will punish them by bringing forth the end of days - which they refer to as Gehenna.

Furthermore the Sabbat are puritans. They place great pride in the potency of their blood, as well as the strength of their spirit. Because of this members of the Sabbat tend to have a Darwinian worldview, believing that the strong survive and the weak perish.


The structure of the Sabbat closely resembles that of the Roman-Catholic church during the middle ages. It's a fairly military organization which is based around its religion and core beliefs, filled with individuals who work together as a brotherhood and seeks to convert og defeat its enemies.
The cornerstone of the Sabbat's structure lies within the structure of the packs in which they flock. These packs serve as war bands, who choose a primary focus in the war and act freely within the Sabbat's philosophy. This freedom, however, comes with a responsibility to the organization as a whole. Each pack has a two positions that must be filled;

  • The Ductus, who serves as the packs leader.
  • The Priest, who conducts the packs rituals.

The Cardinal, who leads the Sabbat, oversees these packs and dictates the manner in which the organizations members conduct themselves. The Cardinal serves as much as a spiritual leader as he does a military leader.
Enforcing the Cardinal's rules are the templars. Templars always strong and competent warriors, feared as much by their allies as they are by their enemies.


The Trenton Sabbat is less violent than its brethren in other cities. Their Cardinal, Jacob, has decided to fight the war in a more civilized manner than most Sabbat. And although deaths and dissappearences still happen, such things happen more seldom than in other cities and more often than not take a more machiavellian form than a clear cut assault.
Little is known of the Sabbats activities in Trenton, but it is well known that despite whatever other things they might be planning the Sabbat will leave the Camarilla's Elysium alone.
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