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The development history of fauvism After the initial appearance of fauvism

The development history of fauvism
After the initial appearance of fauvism, caused the consistent attention, development in 1908 and reached the top. The pie but actually in three or four years, but it brings the subsequent influence of modern art deeply. Of although after 1908 years, the characteristics of representative painters have abandoned the performance, but after they turn to their own unique creation, from now on and produce a specific style, with subjective to change the object form, makes the symbol of pure feeling. Brutalist revolution, is the art of the 20th century violent explosion for the first time, it created a precedent for a series of revolution. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the revolution made unique art history.
Fauvism, however, is a strange phenomenon, essentially different from such as cubism, abstract and surrealism movement. Fauvism movement only lasted for a few years time. Although related to the artists, as early as 1903 in the creation of is considered to be the painting, but, as a sport, in 1905 or 1906. Members of the team, in two or three years began to explore the other direction, in 1908, as a movement of the beast, has ceased to exist. Actually, fauvism painters did not bring new concept to painting in 20th century.
The characteristics of the beast pie
Brutalist not a genre, because it does not have its own theory system and the platform of art, the power of these artists together is their inner urge to seek new painting language. So, in the end, we see not, ingres, David lurton it's nearly the whole of a model system, but all see different artistic style. Fauvism sources according to the word that is because of a sculpture oil painting exhibition. When art critic Louis. Walter sailor found a children in the 15th century Italian style completed statue, exclaimed: "well a beast group of doner too." The statue itself is no longer the subject of people, even Henry. Rousseau exhibition "the hungry lion", also is not the word "beast" has special significance. Really surprising is the group of "beast" the color of the painter's work in the wild, concise lines and exaggerated deformation. In the group of "beast" the painter's work, people see is not the literary expression of feelings, also not have the courage to lose sight of the impressionist paintings, but a form of by the impact.
Brutalist is a betrayal of academic, thin to their sense of power, performance is not enough in-depth impressionist painting style, with a kind of resistance continues after van gogh, Paul gauguin, impressionism Cezanne and others explore, the pursuit of a stronger artistic performance. The painters, they absorb Oriental and black African sculpture art expression means, pay attention oil painting reproductions to pure modelling, the performance of conventional such as red, blue, green, yellow marked the strong colour of paint. Them with these primary colors, plus a large brush, simplistic lines as inflectional morphology, in order to achieve the performance of individual character, the inner true feelings, extreme let show it. Minimal, to achieve maximum performance of aesthetic feeling. Their works have obvious tendency.

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