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Beast doctrine (Fauvism) is from 1898 to 1908 in France prevalent trend of a modern painting.

Beast doctrine (Fauvism) is from 1898 to 1908 in France prevalent trend of a modern painting. Theory and program of although it is not clear, but it is a certain number of artists together in a period of active as a result, thus can also be seen as a painting. Fauvism painters are keen to use bright, the color of dense, often with direct squeezed of paint from the paint tube, with direct, extensive brushwork, create a strong picture, fully shows the pursuit of emotional tendency of expressionism.
Fauvism paintings
Beast, gets its name from the autumn salon exhibition in Paris in 1905, at that time, a group headed by Matisse avant-garde artists works exhibition in the same layer hall, caused quite a stir. Someone to refer to these pictures as "a pot of paint stored in front of the public". custom oil painting And the later hit "cubism" name of gil blas magazine reporter Louis searle, is inspired to think of an appropriate name also. He thrust to colour in the tumult of the exhibition hall of the central, found the marche (Albert Marquet) of a Renaissance style small statue, couldn't help exclaim: "that's more ROM are kept in the beast in the cage!" (that's ROM is more prominent Italian Renaissance sculptor). Soon, this one-liner in the journal gil blas exit, and the name of the "beast" also soon be widely Shared. The next year when the "beast" in the "cage" splashed out one after another amazing exhibition, beast doctrine have already affected huge increase, rising momentum. This contains the name of the irony in the early and later also gradually lost its derogatory sense. Beast doctrine continues after impressionism Vincent van gogh, p. gauguin, p. Cezanne and others explore, the pursuit of a more subjective and strong artistic expression. The development of western painting, produced the important influence.

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