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My imaginary painting space,there is light,spotless and into an animal

My imaginary painting space,there is light,spotless and into an animal

Many people are aware of the development of the contemporary society has violated the accommodate to our ancestors and of of primitive simplicity and great thoughts, has violated the natural limit, therefore, it's more dangerous. Attempts to custom wedding portrait describe the common situation of our times spirit, is the art of my most basic starting point.
- Zhang Jikai
Organized by Shanghai top gallery "space-time riddle: Zhang Jikai oil painting exhibition", will be held today. Before the exhibition, the artist accepted reporter's interview.
"My work performance in the future"
The top gallery held solo exhibition in Shanghai, is on display in recent years mainly Zhang Jikai creation "panda" series of works. It's in the summer of 2008 with him in London are similar in Marlborough gallery held solo exhibition. But Zhang Jikai, tells a reporter, although is a series of "panda", two solo exhibition of works or is there a difference: solo exhibition in London, the exhibition works mainly from 2005 to 2007 in the first half of the work; This solo exhibition, exhibition is mainly in the second half custom pet portrait of 2007 to 2007. The new work on the problem of the broader. If there was a painting panda and intimate contact of the statue of liberty, performance of the current relationship between east and west to present a special status: both attracted to each other, but is very close to and will produce a lot of confusion.
Zhang Jikai put before a stage name "four major Kings" as the representative of the global called artists in the 90 s, a group of artists, he argues, compared with them both similarities, there are difference. Similar in that they are all contemporary artists, and the biggest characteristic of contemporary art, is different from modern art focus on the change of the form, but focus on some questions of social and cultural patterns; What the difference is that their work performance with the theme of the artists of "political pop", "obstinate realism" and "gaudy art" different topics such as: "the performance of their works, the performance of domestic reality, the past s helpless suffering; while my work performance future years, international relations, facing the open problems in the era of globalization.

continue to study of the portrait painting, in order to oil painting judge whether the three drawings really by leonardo portrait Da Vinci

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