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2005 year-end closing auction - Beijing HanHai "oil painting sculpture" autumn night

2005 year-end closing auction - Beijing HanHai "oil painting sculpture" autumn night

Preview date: date of December 7-9 / auction: at 2 PM on December 11, beginning 30 points/auction location: Beijing kerry centre HanHai painting sculpture auction in autumn of 2005, a commitment for many years the collection of the formation of the "diversity and Chen" policy, the consent of the items totaling 232 this season, according to sales creation s comprehensive academic analysis and combing with the style, which could be divided into: the auction "east and west", "with the red classics", the rev socket and turn to us, the scars and realistic ", the modern and contemporary five topics.
Introduce the key items: a. The east and the west, the first generation of oil painters of foreign-educated items: this unit lots of famous, brilliant, including Lin Fengmian, wu guanzhong were completed before liberation and after the liberation of the double works in each one. This auction after the spring of 2005, clap a Lin Fengmian colors work after 9 pieces, and then ask for items 11, started from 150000 to 2 million yuan between. The highest value items, it is 40 to 50 s Lin Fengmian painting of his wife, Alice with "Alice". "Alice" is not only based on, point, color, composition is different from what you see his general traditional Chinese figure painting, especially rare is the painter respectively in the left of the picture and left each fall, a rare artist "two items", valued at RMB 200-2.8 million. This is the second "two items" wu guanzhong painting "pond", painted in 1972, at the age of 53. Ten years later, he again to amend the painting, and inscribed on paintings: "ChouXia change old picture, as if revisiting." 1982. Pictures depicting the he devolved rural, mountains, head, there is no lack of Chinese northern song dynasty landscape painting of the forceful thick; Middle luxuriant forest, which fully reflects the painting skills he had learned in Europe; Nearby is the clear pond, showing the artistic style of the fusion of Chinese and western. The title appraisal from 1.8 million to 1.8 million yuan. Following this spring to 1.32 million yuan, and the price is made of YanWenLiang s works the hakodate and site will launch YanWenLiang again at the same time the setting sun hakodate and 50 s "swan lake", "youth" in the seventy s and eighty s "landscape" and so on four pieces of paintings auction estimates range from 100000 yuan to 700000 yuan RMB. By wu zuoren creative people's fine arts publishing house, 1957 oil painting "the body", is a description of the auction of the first generation of oil painters detailed work, the problem with the naked woman went unsold, valued at RMB 1.5 million to RMB 2.5 million yuan. In addition, tallies in 1939 cataloguing work "garden", "landscape" in 1950, WeiTianLin in 1959 "kam clusters", Feng Gangbai in 1961 the Pisces still life, PangXunQin "cockscomb" and so on are all the masters of first-rate, works the picture complete, rigorous composition, color rhyme, and kept in good condition. Bidding forecast of between 300000 to 600000 yuan. "Pastel 12 scenery in Taiwan", composed of 12 pastel sketch painting sketch, by Taiwan's predecessors Liao Jichun creation, first appeared in the HanHai paintings auction hall. Liao Jichun brilliant achievements in painting, the most adept at controlling color, painting clear deep, joy in see lyric. He is before the war not only possess considerable painting qualifications and creative achievements, and, in the postwar period to maintain full of creative passion, continued to win the respect of Cenozoic era. His art, as a rainbow, only seven color bright and magnificent across the gap between the old and new era. "Taiwan pastel 12 scenery" valued at 450000 yuan to 600000 yuan RMB.
Worth mentioning in the east and the west unit of another group, is known as the "flowers thieves," said the Ding Xiongquan colors on paper work. HanHai from Beijing in the fall of 2004, in the spring of 2005, two consecutive quarter of securing Ding Xiongquan works and successfully make the ideal price, the fall of 2005, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong is determined has 5-6 auction auction, the works of same launch Ding Xiongquan tempted Ding Xiongquan works within the circulation market of maximum likelihood, worthy of attention. 2. The red and the classical spirit of the original oil painting - China age: PeiJianHua representative works of the xisha female militia, custom handmade oil painting china painted in 1974 years after the victory of the war of the mysterious xisha, had been published in the paintings selected characters, "celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the national art exhibition", "1976 sketchpad sample", and many other newspapers and magazines. The xisha female militia in the auction valuation is 2.5 million yuan to 3.2 million yuan RMB. "With the red classics" series items, as well as MoPiao completed in the early fifties of large oil painting "the oath to join the party", over 50 s today completed the Korean period of large oil painting the china-north Korea stationed, and drflorianf than works in 1964 "jinggangshan stationed triptych" and so on, appraisal between 400000 to 400000 yuan. Three. Rev socket and turn to us - the backbone of the new China's art: during the period of the spring, "Taiwan mountain art special cultural and educational foundation collection" launch of Russia's oil painting special unit, but person. Rev socket and turn to us this time unit, the dimensions to to MEL nico husband naked women, Sarah hoff "Eiffel Tower", ivanov naked woman in the mirror and other Russian oil painting masters uncover a prelude, headed by lots works estimates between 100000 to 400000 yuan. This unit will continue to launch next influenced by Russian paintings enlightenment and Sue send China oil painting masters QuanShanShi, Zhu Naizheng, HaZi (, TuoMuSi, Cui Kaixi, Tian Shixin painting items, such as sales estimates between 100000 to 1 million yuan. The rev socket and turn the unit will also to collectors and introducing the most investment potential in the circulation market of Chinese painter "Mesozoic" items such as Sun Weimin, Dai Ze famous works and strong performance of the new generation painter urbanism. 4. The scars and the realistic -custom wedding portrait painting from photos to the highest point of the realism:
This fall, the scar in the auction market in Beijing with the realistic painting items have a fever, HanHai oil carved don't lag behind in the fall of the consent of the top this season Chen high-quality goods "the rose with the wings of a bird JuanJuan" and "sunshine", respectively estimates between 1.2 million to 2.8 million yuan. Chen completed in 1999, the masterpiece "rely on the concerto" book series, valued at 450000 yuan to 550000 yuan RMB; Luo zhongli's "hair of the farmer" valued at 850000 to 1.15 million yuan; Besides realistic painting of Mesozoic artists such as Zhang Li "years", the "field", Guo Runwen Zheng Yi model of the studio, Liu Kongxi "cut through the snow beans", the "summer", Li Guijun Zhang Yibo "dancing", the "sunshine city", Chen Yiming WengWei "HuaYing at sea" and so on, almost both is high-quality goods of first-rate, every creation career average value between 150000 to 450000 yuan, the market force of popular will not allow to ignore. Five. The modern and contemporary, traditional and radical art form: the fine arts of new China since 1985, the manifestation of oil painting gradually by the past development of implicative inside collect for playing with radical. This unit with lots of wang anyi "chanel No. 5, Cai Jin canna No. 48, liu xiaodong's" dead pig "and" dream "series, Xia Junna DongLi fu, Zhou Tiehai farnese queen and zhang huan series photography" bubble ", etc., 15, respectively, between 300000 to 1.2 million yuan.
Throughout the Beijing HanHai painting sculpture auction works, not only the lot number multiplication, the high-quality goods project estimate also by spring 30-400000 yuan average up to 60-800000 yuan. In response to the rapidly growing and increasingly competitive market of Chinese oil painting, increase the sale had enlisted the academic HanLiang and explore the market of Chinese art, Beijing HanHai painting sculpture department this fall was formally established academic seminar "market", invited well-known art critic, Mr ShangHui research librarians for this research association, Shanghai "at ease" master ZuoSongDe, vice President of Mr Co-chaired the HanHai painting sculpture auction in the future marketing and academic quality and promote the work.
Beijing HanHai fall 2005 oil painting sculpture, covers the 20th century Chinese oil painting art in different stages of the development of famous works, it will be a rich and diverse art feast symphony

large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about

wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring 

total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting 

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