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Lisa - o mans,was born in New Jersey,childhood began to learn painting

Lisa - o mans,was born in New Jersey,childhood began to learn painting

In the United States in 1999, mans, established after the Boston college, a bachelor's degree in art schools, and in 2001, master's degree in fine arts college of art in New York professional for the representational art. Mans, now lives in brooklyn, New York, as one of the art institute of New York council members, oil painting reproductions by hand painted in china in the human body painting, a professor in the school, is also the montclair state university lecturer and lime in Connecticut academy of fine arts.
Mans, once three times get to encourage young artists "Elizabeth green fields foundation" painter allowance. Since 2009, mans, began to frequent in places such as the United States and Germany to participate in group exhibitions and a one-man show. Her work is savannah, academy of fine arts, somerset, art associations and other public institutions and private collection.
"Water" achievement personal style
The flour or to explore a new direction with wine instead of water
From lisa - o mans' art works created in recent years, as you can see the track that her from the depiction of the family daily life, such as bedroom, sitting room and bathroom activities, gradually to focus on the characters in the bathroom or other water environmental performance. While in the bathroom environment, focused on characters in besides across the glass, plastic, shower curtain, foam presented a fuzzy form.
Has commented that in mans' work, and has been engaged in water, the water has been sublimated to the significance of her works, and not just as a kind of pure unconscious performance object.
Love of water, derived from mans' girlhood. At the age of 14 or 15, her times art index, find everything possible to show the theme. She saw a painting of water, but, in her work force at that time, not to draw out. Since then, how to draw water became her painting career a benchmark of transcending oneself. Seven or eight years ago, has been able to control the water theme of her and try to combine water and human body. She found that the water surface to the human body can cause "damage", to form a new texture, and began to have a crush on the deformation and abstraction.
The combination of water and the human body, make the mans' painting subjects found different from others, and in constant exercise and perfect, she gradually formed its own unique painting style. "According to the photo to painting the danger is that might make scenery becomes flat, the picture is very compact,custom pet portrait by hand painted in china but with water, won't produce the problem. Because, you have to use paint to create the feeling of water." Mans said.
In the beginning, mans, pure water as a kind of isolated human body of the filter medium, but later on, she tried to plastic shower curtain and bathroom glass door. She found that some bathroom glass door can cause the feeling of Mosaic, and some are flat, through the use of the medium, create more rich texture.
Commented that mans' by puts bathers water droplets, glass, plastic, shower curtain, such as filter medium, caused by image distortion must be, under the practical technique of photography, express the abstract, so elegant way to explore the reality and to create tension between.
In addition, mans, also will be water, plastic shower curtain, bathroom glass filter medium as a way to attract the audience. "Between the observer and the observed object, set a barrier to attract viewers to stare at it more carefully. And the bathroom glass is reminiscent of the traditionally can leads to a different window of the world. At the same time, the existence of the glass also makes woman in these pictures have enough confidence to face the viewer, in conversation with the audience." Mans said.
In mans' point of view, water medium has become the perfect performance of human body is displayed. "Her paintings have been inseparable from the water, not a body of water, it's too boring for me".
In order to create more material related to the water, mountain, also explore other materials in the water in the change of water quality of a material. She had the flour into a bathtub filled with water, also considered with wine instead of water to fill the bathtub

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