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Beginning of 20th century,oil painting as a science of introduction of advanced culture of his native land

Beginning of 20th century,oil painting as a science of introduction of advanced culture of his native land

Since then, the foreign art began the course with the localization of culture environment in China. Today, it gradually eliminate and played down the strange foreign colour, is considered by us warm body "Chinese oil painting". The formation process of Chinese oil painting, without constant practice with the localization of oil painting. Localization of oil painting, this paper mainly refers to native artists give oil painting art form of the traditional aesthetic taste and feel.
Chinese oil painting localization is prominent phenomenon in the development of Chinese oil painting in the 20th century, is a century of Chinese oil painters for theoretical thinking and artistic practice, with the target object it once became a national painting style. For oil painting localization, suitors,oil painting studio offer top portrait painting advocate, have ignored. However, many local paintings convey to us the charm of Chinese traditional culture, a large number of related statements still shine with the brilliance of the thinker of wisdom. Look at the theory and practice of the localization of Chinese oil painting form, will find that the general has experienced from active fusion to consciously seek, from independent pursuit to the four stages of the development of free inquiry, because different in different stages of the historical, political, cultural background, different art and performance, and the formation of a differential form theory and practice.
A, active fusion (1920-1936),
While oil painting native entered in the Ming dynasty, however, Chinese oil painting localization, really started to actively study began in the early 20th century tide returning painter's works. It is this group of young people holding art salvation dream, at the time of the introduction of oil painting, then take the initiative to start to colour in the picture, line, shape, style and so on a variety of tests have been carried out, in order to through the fusion of Chinese and western, establish the original appearance with the localization of Chinese oil painting.
Such as Wang Yuezhi (1894-1894) of the adherents of Taiwan figure "has such characteristics, the painter USES the brush pen thin paints in weaving to draw on qualitative data, image character performance, space with both planar and three-dimensional feeling, have the characteristics of Chinese and western. Art critic AnDuiLi thought he was "the first Chinese painting nationalization," Wang Yuezhi oil painting localization experiment, on the one hand, performance on techniques, with lines as the main modelling method, on the one hand, on material performance. Institute (1900-1986) had been studying in Japan, the bath after processing with the modelling of pure color, plane, line performance makes images with Chinese flavor. 14 study in France, after studying in Paris national higher academy of fine arts () with xu beihong classmates Fang Junbi (1896-1986), master skilled painting skills, "returned her strong interest in traditional Chinese painting, spent has many western artists to participate in the fusion of Chinese and western sports. At this moment, Fang Junbi of western painting with national colors, solid vigorous and euphemism is pure and fresh style." Pan Yuliang is important female artist of Chinese painting and 30 s, her "oil painting contains traditional Chinese ink painting techniques, the depth of the color density and line interdependence, naturally reveal the near and far, light and shade, the actual, lively, Chinese painting and calligraphy of the successful application in the brushwork in her paintings." custom couple portrait painting USA WeiTianLin to Japan in 1920 before the painting has been able to book good painting, in heavily influenced by traditional culture and art under the guidance of his father, during the day painting, the teacher cane island er4 in teaching repeatedly stressed: "the Oriental art shall have the characteristics of the east", "art should be a reflection of national aesthetic consciousness", this kind of artistic value directly affect the WeiTianLin, WeiTianLin painting colour is significantly influenced by the impressionist, colour is gorgeous and rich, thick, both the light color changes, also emphasizes the inherent color, "elegantly colorful works contain the profound traditional culture and strong national customs." Xu beihong (1895-1953) in 1926 New Year paintings Xiao Sheng, screen is covered by western painting techniques, but on the scene atmosphere is quite a poetry of the east. Work in terms of techniques of expression, the "realism" and "freehand brushwork", manipulate the characters and the background, and shades of gray background, the whole works like in the dream of poem. Chang Shuhong portrait of Mrs G "1932 New Year pictures, once got the first place in the national Lyon art college graduates, the picture is concise and simple, white background, black handle extremely flat, images reveal localization means. Members of the "JueLanShe" , NiYiDe, home, Wang Jiyuan, more weeks, Zhou Zhen too, a string, YangTaiYang, QiuDi etc, they are studying in Japan or France, most people's paintings with local characteristics. Wang Jiyuan paintings "dahlia" strong, strong, colour, QiuDi "camellia" pure and poetic, Zhou Zhen too painting "wild life", from subject to image processing and atmosphere have dense interest of China, the hero and the beauty of the string, using the line

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