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Chung chi source gathering,sea dream series of BBS in book value of tracing back after 40 painter works seminar in Shanghai

Chung chi source gathering,sea dream series of BBS in book value of tracing back after 40 painter works seminar in Shanghai

Held at Hilton Hotel in Shanghai jing 'an. The discussion by the Shanghai artists association, vice chairman zhu guorong, art critic Xie Chunyan bombers academic chair. Shanghai chung source auction co., LTD. President JiChongJian, associate professor at east China normal university college of art and Wang Di Wei Jingshan, Wu Jian, Zhao Wei cool, Ren Lijun, Huang Yinghao, Liu Bairong after 40 artists attended the seminar in Shanghai.
The conference also exhibited Zhao Wei cool "blood" and "defenders of the territorial sea of Wei Jingshan, Wu Jian" prison ", Ren Lijun "fudan - to mark the 120th anniversary of the yuanmingyuan burnt, Liu Yao really" li SAO, qu yuan ", Liu Bairong important oil painting "MAO zedong visited the Yellow River" and so on. Displayed at the same time, also for Chen and Huang Yinghao respectively, the creation of oil painting creation "water", Chen manuscripts of the occupation of the presidential palace and the degree of his four sketch drawing. Zhao Wei cool "blood" once is representative works of Shanghai "scar art", the first exhibition in Shanghai art museum "National Day painting exhibition".
Shanghai chung source the worship source and gathering, sea refreshment series of BBS "radical ・ value again - 40 painter works in Shanghai after seminar" aiming at Shanghai painter writing contexts, to realize the return of the artistic value. Shanghai worship source art auction co., LTD., President, source, founder JiChongJian meeting feeling, have the personage inside course of study summed up XieShiPa painter in the field of and performance, Shanghai painter in people impression only Chen, portrait painting by hand painted studio and said: "worship source has been committed to develop Shanghai culture, Shanghai maritime refreshment kong auction this is a collection of old Shanghai and the trace of art, the extension to 40 after Shanghai painter's art and creation, enrich the connotation of Marine flirtation with the brand."
After 40 painters are focused by people, the Shanghai artists association, vice chairman zhu guorong thinks, this batch of artists create most productive period as the "cultural revolution" period, there is a certain special historical significance, this batch of works of art not only reflects the thinking of The Times, some reaction to the exploration of new art and innovation. "This batch of works has shrugged off the elder is influenced by the Soviet union's shadow, have their unique value in the history of art."
Critics MAO Ann thought, custom house portrait painting USA the struggle between art and politics is an important proposition in the history of mankind, 40 after the creation of oil painting with a full passion, and the pursuit of perfection in art. Artist Zhao Wei cool brought the conference was the representative work of "the blood", "in the words is what we with shackles in the dance, and jump is good", and argues that this is not just let you know again after 40 artists in Shanghai, and what is more important to know the lifetime has been in the artistic exploration of artists.
After many years, the time characteristic of painting only is very limited, so the market generally look after. It is understood that the important work of appearance in the seminar, will be in Shanghai in October this year worship the source of the series of activities to mark the 10th anniversary of the return value, maritime history painting "special performance in the auction

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