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Wedding Party Dresses UK and liz Normally i met the wedding

Beautiful Evening Dresses: southern I have been looking forward to sharing this wedding with you since the day it happened.Trey and liz were married in southern, in on july 6th.Liz is the daughter of my good friend tina.Tina owns a bridal salon in washington, in called the bridal connection.I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that liz would have an awesome dress!And believe me when i say she did not disappoint.My mother in law always tells me that i say every dress is my favorite but really this one takes the prize.I have never seen anything like it in person. In addition to tina owning the bridal salon she also has a photography studio in the same building.So the pressure to make this wedding rock was definitely there.But.I also knew that liz, trey and of course tina trusted me.So the pressure was really more self inflicted. The day of the wedding was the first time i met trey Wedding Party Dresses UK and liz.Normally i met the wedding couple prior.It was so great to finally put names with faces and to be there on their wedding day.I loved their wedding party and the hospitality shown by both sides of the family. Since it was a 4 hour drive my friend carla went with me for the ride.She is also a photog and took a few photos for me during the processional and also was my right hand gal that day.Thanks carla!My family would have gone but great deals on Bridesmaid Dresses it just didn work with the schedules that weekend.It helped a lot to have a travel companion.

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