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Emeritus professor collects images of university history march 8 Here are sheep grazing about 100 yards from agricultural hall, and there are young elm trees in front of what is now old education, Cheap Flower Girl Dresses Australia and, oh, here is the original and very beautiful law school building on bascom hill. You can take quite a trip through uwmadison history by looking at the postcard collection of herbert kliebard, professor emeritus in the school of education.Since the 1960s, he's been collecting historical postcards of madison and the university, most of them dating between 1905 and the 1920s. "Around 1905, congress Evening passed a law permitting the mailing of picture postcards by individuals,"Says kliebard, and that law unleashed a postal torrent that continues today. (The only postcards legal before that year were advertisements. ) Many of kliebard's postcards were produced by madison photographer william j.Meuer.They were either lithographs(Some of them handcolored)Or what kliebard and other collectors call"Real photos,"Printed directly on Mother of the Bride Dresses postcard stock. You've probably never seen some of kliebard's scenes, such as the lincoln statue in front of bascom hall when abe was looking quite uncorroded as a bronze;Women wearing brushtheground dresses crossing a"Rustic bridge"On university drive that has graceful bentwood railings;Freshmen barking at the 8eze moon and pushing peanuts on the ground with their noses as hazing rituals;And an aerial view of old camp randall shot soon after aerials became possible. "I've collected these postcards because it's fun,"He says,"And in the process i learn more about the university's history. "His joy in photography has been lifelong:As a child he would blacken his home's bathroom window so he could develop his own film.For his new book on the history of vocational education, for example, he supplied all of the photos.Kliebard found many of them in the library of congress and the state historical society of wisconsin by using no surprise the sharpeyed instincts of a collector.

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