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Today I want to discussion a little about the dreadful computer virus. The goal of this article is to teach you, the home user, the fundamental skills needed to help detect, withdraw, and most significantly prevent viruses from infecting your computer. As the owner of a computer consulting business, I have seen first hand how much damage computer viruses can do. To help defend yourself from a virus operation, it will be necessary to read exactly what a virus is. A virus is basically a software program designed with malicious intentions, to copy itself and spread from one computer to another. What makes a virus so dangerous is what they are designed to do .
A virus, once installed on your computer, can easily corrupt or cancel data from your computer. This can be anything from your latest Word document to the irreplaceable pictures of your loved ones. We will get on into exactly what a virus can do later in this content . Now that you have an opinion of what a virus is and what it can do to your computer, lets discuss how your computer gets infected. I have heard infinite times from people, " But I did not open any email attachments, how can I be infected?" While it is true that a majority of viruses are invisible within email attachments, they can also be downloaded into our computers in the form of images, videos, or even flash messages. I have personally separate a virus from Cd's, jump drives, and floppy disks.
Lets talk about ways to help defend your computer from viruses. To protect your computer from these threats it is vital that you have an anti virus program installed and up to date. I have seen many times in the field computers that have anti virus programs but still are infected with a virus. Let me point out that not all anti virus programs are equal. I will not discuss in this word string which anti virus program you should or should not use however email me and I will be happy to help you in that facet Pc virus infection.
If you do not have an anti virus program, first thing to do is get one! In the meantime you may use the services of an online virus removal tool. Many of the popular anti virus programs offer this service. My intent of this word string was to help inform you of the dangers virus threats can pose, as well as giving you the knowledge to help detect, remove and prevent these threats. I hope I have realized this, and you can walk away after reading this Blog, feeling more confident of your abilities to protect your computer from virus threats.
A full description of these programs can be found on their web-sites. Forgive me if I didn’t provide any information about them on this page, but I am talking about the ways to protect your computer. I am not doing a review.
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