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YouTainers can offer you containers from vaious destinations in Asia and Europe. Possibility for delivery from loading point to the prefered port.Other than that we offer you fast reliant service and quality in delivering the Containers you need . Let us know what you need and we shall find your youtainer.

At the moment we offer Cargo worthy/IICL 5 containers for purchase in these contries.

Europe:                            Asia:

Germany                          Malaysia

Italy                                  China

Denmark                          Phillipine

Polen                                Vietnam

Norway                            Thailand

Sweden                            India

Container types:

40 HC
40 DC
40 PW

20 HC
20 DC

40 HC RF
20 HC RF

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

All Containers are delivered " free on Truck " and in AS IN & Where IS condition.

Youtainer Malurtvej 21, 9000, Aalborg, Denmark, TEL: +45 23232323 FAX: +45 33232234 CVR: 323234
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