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The difficulty of the Diablo 3
As Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, there are also a variety of difficulties for Diablo 3, includes Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno.
Like its predecessor, each difficulty is the cycle of game content. The player must complete this difficulty and then entering the next difficulty mode. And even if the players unlock a new level difficulty, they also can still play the low difficulty of the game with friends or their own separate!
The first three difficulties have existed in the Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. The fourth difficulty appears inin Cheap Diablo 3 Gold a new difficulty levels for players challenge the later results. Compared to the contrast Hell difficulty in Diablo 3, the first two difficulties about the hell were designed with some difficult defects. Diablo 1 can't reflect the significant difference on the loot.
It turned into Baal runs, Chaos Runs and killing the Super Diablo and clean-up Chaos Tristram in Diablo 2. The other part of the game, even at the highest difficulty level, there are very few people to explore.

In Diablo 3, how the current difficulty of the game in more people changes? The development team will be greatly improved that is alone in the multiplayer mode will be a very unwise choice. However, what this mechanism will lead to? Monster's life values or Monsters more damage or improved the AI?
No one knows the degree of the difficulty t, only members of the development team has been in the discussion. It seems that they have not prepared a good detailed plan, because the difficulty of adjustment are on sale late part and also need the players to give them the feedback After experience the game then have a judgment.
We know that Diablo 3 efforts to change the difficulty. The bottle probably will be less, the vampire property Diablo 3 Gold and equipment will be very rare, most of the treatment is from the blood cell. On the other hand, the monster does not have full resistance and poor strike-death damage. The developing team knows the matter that too much syrup and suck blood causes players approximate invincible in Diablo 2. It can't fix BUG through balance.
In Diablo 3, they hope the difficulty is more stable, the monster has been very challenging for the players.would Diablo 3 Gold increase steadily difficulty. They hope that the normal mode is very simple, new players can quickly get started in the game. Of course the Diablo 3 team does not want the game is too cursory, that would be very boring. Under the normal difficulty it deliberately requires players to pay attention to viability.

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