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PMP Sample Questions:

(146) You are responsible for the communication controls for the Genesis series of satellites. Your current assignment is:

  1. Project management
  2. Functional management
  3. Facility management
  4. Program management

(147) Work packages are used to :

  1. Represent units of work at a level where work is performed.
  2. Distinguish one package from all others assigned to a single functional group.
  3. Limit work to be performed to relatively short periods of time.
  4. All of the above.
Answer: D

(148) Network planning methods(PERT/CPM/PDM):

  1. Are usually too complicated for practical use on most projects
  2. Require highly trained specialists for effective use
  3. Always require computer support to be practical
  4. Are based on flow charts and they allow observation of what happens to the project schedule when changes occur to a task's start and stop dates
Answer: D

(149) Earned value can be described as:

  1. The value of the equipment that has been installed as of the current date
  2. The sum of the labor costs that have been incurred on the project date
  3. A method of measuring project performance
  4. A method of measuring the amount of money that has been spent to date
Answer: C

(150) A role of the PMP change control board is to:

  1. issue change requests
  2. represent top management interests in initiating innovation
  3. review the impact of change requests on project costs, schedule, and specifications
  4. schedule changes into PERT networks
  5. identify new areas of project work
Answer: C

(151) Quality control is:

  1. identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and determining how to satisfy them
  2. monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards and identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance
  3. evaluating overall project performance on a PMP regular basis to provide confidence that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards
  4. taking action to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the project so as to provide added benefits to both the performing organization and the project customer
  5. assuming the production of goods that meet the highest standards of luxury
Answer: B

(152) Cost of quality is a concept that includes:

  1. the cost necessary for ensuring conformance to requirements
  2. the life cycle cost of the project
  3. all research and development costs related to the project
  4. only the cost of the quality control function
  5. A and B
Answer: A

(153) The pillars) of quality is (are) :

  1. Quality is free
  2. Doing it right the first time
  3. Zero defects
  4. Process improvement
  5. B and C
Answer: E

(154) PMP Quality assurance is:

  1. top management's intention regarding quality
  2. functions determining implementation of the quality policy
  3. actions to provide confidence of satisfying quality requirements
  4. responsibilities and processes which implement quality management
  5. all of the above
Answer: C

(155) The zero defects concept:

  1. is a performance standard for management
  2. is a PMP motivational technique that promotes "doing it right the first time"
  3. is used by management to communicate to all employees that everyone should do things right the first time
  4. A and C
  5. B and C
Answer: D
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