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Important contents of the Ab Circle Pro machine

Ab Circle pro is a fitnessinstrument that helps you to effectively shed off your belly fat and have a flat abdomen. It also helps in overall body trimming as it offers an effective cardio, endurance and power training to your body. The ab circle pro is gaining a lot of importance in the fitness equipment market recently and many fitness and health conscious people have started using the system. This article puts forth the importance of the contents of the ab circle pro machine. Click here for more details.

The ab circle package contains the following important contents namely: the ab circle pro device, a detailed instruction manual, a set of two DVDs, a nutritional diet plan and a personal progress monitoring system. The ab circle pro device is the system on which you have to do your workouts. The system is not too heavy and can be easily stored anywhere as it does not occupy a lot of space. The system is made of durable steel with good handle bars and a set of comfortable knee pads. The detailed instruction manual gives a complete overview of the methods of using the system, safety guidelines, warranty information and tips for maintenance of the system.

You also get a set of 2 DVDs along with the package. One DVD explains the effective way of performing just a 3 minute workout in the system which can provide you the effect of performing 100 abdominal crunches. The other DVD explains the method of using the system for close to 30 minutes daily for effective belly fat shredding. Apart from work outs, the system also prescribes the diet plan that you should follow when you are using the system. The diet plan gives detailed guidelines on the type and amount of food that you should intake daily along with recipes of healthy food items. You also get a personal progress monitor as a bonus along with the system. You can use this monitor to record and analyse various fitness details like your weight, calorie intake, duration of workout etc.


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