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Dragon Mania Legends Gaming Rating

Dragon Mania Legends is known as a city setting up styled Wp7 app game where you rebuild he kingdom from Dragolandia to breed dragons and drive back neighboring Vikings and their dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends comes with over hundred species of dragons to discover and plenty of aspect missions to tackle. Fights impotence sequences are turned based mostly pitting the dragons against the Vikings. The overall game is available pertaining to low-memory House windows Phones, along with Windows 8 devices, after spending a short time with the video game, Dragon Mania Legends is actually a fun technique to pass time.

Plenty of Direction


One thing is designed for certain with Dragon Mania Legends, the overall game provides you with lots of guidance as you play. A number of characters will certainly guide you through the various jobs involved with action from letting you with the combat sequences to breeding the dragons to new properties in your city.

Dragon Mania Tales Help

The actual new jobs or tasks that become available as you take up Dragon Mania Legends are extremely user friendly. The job list is usually pulled up from your control button in the decrease left area of the city view. Fresh tasks may have an exclamation mark blinking besides the tattoo and they consist of missions many of these building kingdom structures, combating Vikings, multiplying dragons and even more. At the effective completion of a task you will be recognized with a a number of items that involve (but not always limited to) gold, jewels and meal.

Dragon Choices

Structures add unlimited dragon mania legends gems include farms where you grow and harvest to feed your dragons, Dragon habitats to improve and place your dragons (cannot make them just wandering about) and temples to aid train the dragons. Fresh structures, upgrading old, mining food on your dragons and training your dragons will cost you some platinum that can be attained through battle or resulted in by your Dragon stock. Some items and tasks will be needing gems that are also received in war and accomplishing various responsibilities. You do possess in-app purchase opportunities to buy gold and gems (along with other items) but I must say that gaining gold and gems isn't very very difficult with Dragon Mania. It won't have you a long time before you have several gems and tens of thousands in gold.

Dragon Mania Case

Game play is certainly somewhat everything needed paced. You choose and choose your tasks and deal with your dragons as you decide. Several assignments require a chance to complete though it is possible to always accelerate time by utilizing gems.

Dragon Mania Stories has a few forms of foreign currency that include precious metal and diamonds. These can be earned by completing missions, petting your dragons and because of in-app acquisitions. You also have energy units that happen to be required for struggles. These systems will replace over time (about one device per 15 minutes) or else you can rejuvenate things through in-app get.

Dragon Mania Legends

I'm still not a big lover of necessitating energy systems to battle although Dragon Mania Legends provides plenty of things keep you occupied as you loose time waiting for things to revitalise.

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