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Collateral Risk Management (CRM) is an integrated suite that helps banks and lending Institutions evaluate, assess & control their risk on collaterals. The offering is a combination of PropEquity's in depth Real Estate Business Intelligence platform and a Comprehensive risk scoring overlay to be able to score risk in each collateral based on a variety of customization rules. The platform provides very important reports and analytics that are an integral part of the Risk Assessment process in banks and helps them standardize across the enterprise. Some of the key functional aspects of the Collateral Risk Management Platform are highlighted below.

Risk Scoring Report:
Enables the ability to score each collateral against designated parameters and thresholds returning a sing combinational score at the Project level or Retail Lending Approvals (APF) Process. This helps Banks and Lending institutions to standardize their Risk Assessment Process and provides the platform to conduct dynamic scoring on any collateral on a real time bases.

Project Monitoring & Assessment:
Enables banks to follow key milestones ad stages in projects in real time & be able to link their part disbursement process and use this as a basis to make accurate disbursement decisions. It also enables banks to assess and evaluate projects for retail lending or project finance. The tools help evaluate a project by bench marking it against the micro market it is located in, based on parameters like Weighted Avg. Price, Demand Vs Supply, Inventory, Market Position to be able to arrive at a viable lending decision.

Developer Assessment and Rating:
Enables banks to dynamically evaluate, rate and assess developers based on their finished & under construction project track record, relative position in the market, competitive land sacpe, ability to execute and various other data centric parameters. This is combined with customized studies to cater to the subjective portion of such assessments and is a comprehensive offering to help banks approve developers.

Helps objective and data centric price valuations of collaterals. This is powerd by the comprehensive real-time Business intelligence data combined with the ability to create Automated Valuation Models (AVM) to drive near accurate valuation. This in turn is also used to benchmark the entire collateral of the lending institution against the prevailing market price and have the entire portfolio updated at all times on a mark to market basis.
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