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Excellent Leaders Focus On The Positive

Positive leadership will not imply leading with blinders on, or becoming a Polyanna personality, or refusing to accept reality, or refusing to recognize, possibly, that something requirements improvement. Rather, it's incumbent upon successful leaders to strategy their business inside a positive, productive, can- do manner, by no means permitting themselves to acquire drawn down from the naysayers, or much less than optimal situations. When individuals in leadership only see the factors why something can not be done, they put themselves in an untenable scenario, simply because that method nearly invariably becomes a self- fulfilling prophesy. Christopher Novack hit the nail on the head when he stated, "By concentrating on the good, we produce a sense of optimism and power."

1. During any tenure or term of workplace, unexpected, unanticipated and/ or undesirable circumstances arise, happen or come on the horizon. These unprepared to be leaders permit these occurrences to dictate to them, and they usually either over or beneath react to what occurs. Either reaction can have devastating effects. Over- reaction causes a panic or crisis mentality, and usually leads to the person in leadership taking short- term band- aid kind actions, which could temporarily slow or stop the situation, but doesn't appear at the large image.


This circumstance is what I typically describe, in my articles and books, as well as inside the courses and trainings I have given for over 3 decades, as myopic leadership. Myopic leadership is seeking only at the instant and obvious scenario and wanting to right it, with out examining either the cause or the long- term needs. Under- reaction, alternatively, is what I known as procrastinating leadership. These people frequently try to either run away or avoid the circumstance, and they act as if carrying out nothing will magically make the scenario go away on its own. Clearly, that nearly by no means occurs.

2. Good leadership generates successful, proactive leaders. This behavior or attitude often looks in the big image, while examining an organizations strengths and weaknesses in an objective, thorough manner. Whenever a leader is positive, he attracts other individuals to his trigger, by emitting The positive energy and producing others feel good about themselves as well as the leader. This results in an overall can- do philosophy, and lets everyone search for alternatives and techniques to evolve the organization constructively to better serve the needs of its members also as its mission. Only good leaders produce an atmosphere exactly where other individuals need to belong and work together towards a productive goal.

Whilst positive leaders speak of value, unfavorable ones speak of problems. Who would you prefer to stick to?

With over 30 years consultative sales, advertising, training, managerial, and operations encounter, Richard Brody has trained sales and marketing and advertising individuals in several industries, provided a huge selection of seminars, appeared as business spokesperson on more than 200 radio and television programs. He's negotiated, arranged and organized countless events.

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