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It is far from anyone who knows how to treat their particular type of hair. Here you can see if you damageyour hair every morning or if you have mastered it!

If you got curls?
Error: You dried your hair with the thickest towel, you can find in the closet.
Solution: Squeeze the water out of hair with a thin towel. The thinner the better.

Error: You prepare your hair with a comb.
Solution: Comb your hair with your fingers.

Error: You dry your hair with an ordinary blow dryer and hug your hair with your fingers.
Solution: Put a diffuser on the end of your blow dryer and let the diffuser do the work instead of your fingers, then your curls look even better.

If your curls one day is boring, you can roll your semi-wet hair loosely and fasten it with a necklace. Let it sit for half an hour.
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