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She was not, he almost never come Chaussures Toms  back here, sometimes live in the presence of the yard, sometimes went to the home of some women.     Now he does not short of money, even men there are several house, but he knew that the innocent will not like.     His innocence is so beautiful, innocent and lovely, not vanity, really like her name, he will always have hope that she can maintain a pure heart, As for his future is to go to hell!     "Confessed, while I'm not your lover brought over?" Li naive suddenly jumped on his back and his neck, Stripe Femme and then Le threatens, Li Tian-Ge I tell you oh, not allowed to bring others back know? This is my home! "     Plants and trees here, a table and a chair she personally arranged, full of the shadow she and Li Tian-Ge lived, others do not go come.     Some things simply do not she said, he knew how to do him more appreciative of the feelings between them, compared to naive, any person in his mind they do not compare her, including the Li Heavenly Gate.     Li Tian-ge to http://www.thommcanntoms.com call people to send food over, and then he rolled up his sleeves, ready to show their talents.     "Girl, brother, I made a big brother to have a good few years do not cook, cheap you!"     Li Tian-Ge has been accustomed to do such a thing, she was young he taught her to walk, teach her to speak to her clothes, feed her, which was not his hands?     "Well you give me to find a sister in law hard enslave you!"     Li naive in his behind a face, in fact, she would have preferred him to really be able to Ann were were to find a woman, because his image in her mind is very large, should also be specific, she did not want him so The game world.     "There will be that day!"     The kitchen door was shut timfj0628 , naive heard really the last word, and ran quickly ran to the living room watching TV a.     ************     Huo Yan, lying in bed, took out his pocket bird white female phone, face a very dark turn the album, and she saw a dozen various angles nude / photos, he quickly press the delete key, breath those pictures deleted.     That girl dare be so bold! When she takes off his clothes, he would have been her see the light?     Another folder, there are a few photos, Huo Yan, the curious point of the opening photo of a man and a girl, the man holding the girl, sweet girl smiled, the mouth of the shallow pear vortex looks lovely dead a.
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