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A radiologic technician in the City of Angels is a trained healthcare professional who performs diagnostic tests on patients using radiology equipment. In other words, the radiographer is the person who take x-ray images, or conducts MRIs or CT scans for doctors who need to see what is going on within a patient's body. However, rad technologist do not interpret the results of the tests they take. Instead, that job goes to a radiologist, so the techs send the images they take to them for interpretation. A radiographer goes to school to learn how to use the different imaging machines that are available today. They also learn to place the patient correctly so that they can send clear test results to the doctor.

Medical Rad Tech Salary, Degree, Schools and Career Overview

Radiology Program and Schools

Students who want to become a X-ray technologist in L.A. must go through a two-year program at Los Angeles City College or at the UCLA Medical Center to gain certification as a rad technologist. There are other private programs available too. This career choice requires the student to get an Associate of Arts degree in a two year radiology technology program. Programs for this field require classes on radiation protection, radiography anatomy and radiological math. Once the student completes a radiology program, they are eligible to take the test to become a licensed radiologic technician.

Salary and Career

 The average salary for someone working as a rad tech is $74,500, the national pay is $64,450 a year, source: The working conditions can vary according to your workplace and employer. Radiology techs can work in hospitals, doctor's offices,emergency care facilities or in other types of medical imaging centers. Someone who is a certified radiographer can also further their career opportunities by gaining experience and training that allows them to focus their career as a radiation therapist, bone densitometrist, MRI & ultrasound technician, etho-cardiographer or in nuclear medicine.


 If you are someone who enjoys working with people and who wants to be a part of the medical community, choosing a job as a technician who takes ex-rays is an excellent choice. A 2 years course will fly by in no time and before you know it, you can be well on your way to gaining a high paying job in the medical field if you decide to becoming rad techs today.

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