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You wanted to copy some of the files from your friend’s pen drive. Therefore, you borrowed it from him. You connected it to your Mac machine. But at the moment you connected it to your system, it asked you to format the drive. You did not understand what was it? And clicked on “Ok”. After doing that, you found that entire drive has been formatted and also you cannot even see a single file on it. In such awkward moment, you're thinking that you will lose your friend’s trust forever. No need to worry since the files that you simply lost from the external drive will be still present over there. But they're inaccessible or invisible. You can recover it anytime.

Often, loss of data might occur due to unpredicted reasons. One common cause is unintentional formatting of the Mac Volumes. While formatting a specific Volume, if you choose some other volume accidentally.

Secondly, while reinstalling the new operating system into your Mac machine, if you choose the choice “Erase and install“ then the data which are present in your hard drive is going to be formatted. In simple words, that causes data loss from your hard disk.

The other major reason for formatting is when you wish to convert the file system i.e from HFS to HFS+. It not only changes the file system, but additionally erases all of the data that is present on that particular partition.

If you have run into the problems that are stated above, then don’t be under the impression that you cannot get it back. You are able to recover it. In short, there are two ways: Restore and Recover.

For those who have kept backup of your Mac files, then the files can be easily restored from it. If you don't possess the backup then you can recover Mac data after format by using software recovery tool. From next time, before formatting, take some of the precautions so you don’t face loss of data. Ensure that you have selected correct someone to format. Most importantly make sure you take the backup of the files that you format.

The application that you could trust to recuperate formatted data from your Mac machine is Yodot Mac Data Recovery. It retrieves all types of data that you simply formatted from hard drive / Volume, storage device, USB drive, etc. This application supports many file systems like HFS, HFS+ FAT etc. A person with less knowledge can use this software, because it is very easy.

Steps that you're supposed to follow are:
• Download the software and do the installation. Ensure that you install the application in different drive rather than the one from where you are recovering formatted data. Click here to download the software
• Introduce the software and do as instructed which are shown on the screen
• Choose the choice “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery”
• the software starts scanning and displays all the drives that are present on your Mac system.
• Choose the drive, from which you want to recover the data
• Once the scanning is done, the files that are recovered is going to be displayed.
• Preview the files before saving
• Choose the place in order to save the recovered files. But don't save the recovered on the same drive where you formatted the data otherwise the data will be lost permanently

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