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The Real Score Behind The Sticky Buddy

If you've ever used a typical lint roller then you'll find that the Sticky Buddy is really comparableto one in terms of its use. Its coated with a sticky-when-dry gel wall that picks up hair, crumbs, dandruff and particles from your Clothes, car seats and couches. One of the best things about this product though is that the being used on the roller actually ends up being extremely slickonce water is applied to it which will make it really easy to clean unlike a typical lint roller. If you wish to find out more on this, simply visit here:

Most Sticky Buddy reviews will comment on how well the product works with almost any type offabric whether it be suede or cotton. Most people make the claim that it becomes their go-tocleaning tool. But unfortunately, just as with Everything, this product does have a few flaws. If you wish to help you prefer on whether this appliance is right for you, here's some additionalinformation.

The way this product works is very basic. On top of this it's relatively easy to appreciate the long life of this appliance compared to your standard lint roller. The only way to prove that the claims about the item are true is to check it out for yourself, otherwise it is pretty easy to bequestioning. But there have been numerous feedbacks from existing consumers thatcorroborate with what most advertisements are saying. 

If you take a look at the instruction manual for the Sticky Buddy it says that all you have to do to clean the item is to simply place it under flowing water which will quite wash all of the trashaway. If you’d like you could add in some mild soap to sanitize the gear. And then to dry, all you need to do is pat it off with a towel and then wait until the silicone recovers its sticky attribute.On top of this the appliance is very well priced, coming in at about $24 for a four pack, or $10.99 for just one. 

The only question remaining is whether you can find another product that can beat this one in terms of value and cleanliness. The good aspects are roughly the same if you are only looking at the specs. Where the difference comes in is at how much you can expect to pay. If you areskeptical about the claims made on the internet then you can quickly go to local stores in your area to compare the prices of reusable lint rollers to the Sticky Buddy.

If you would like to see some of this disadvantages to the product then there are plenty of Sticky Buddy reviews that will make it easy to do so. Some people for example make the complaint that it is actually harder than it seems to clean. Many people have expressed difficulty in actuallycleaning the item saying that the debree doesn't actually come off so quickly. So you need to manually pick them off, which should make your usual clean up routine longer than isnecessary. To add to this, the shipping and processing fees will make the total cost come up to a bit more than just eleven dollars. Does it save you money? Perhaps, that is unless you already own a broom, lint roller and vacuum cleaner cleaner. Otherwise, it is just any other accessory. As far as reusability goes, some users establish that it’s not something you can rely on forever. So at some point, you will have to adapt to the norm and go with what’s conventionalwith regards to clean ups. The answer to whether or not you should give this item a try would depend whether or not you have the extra cash to give it a shot. If yes, then go ahead andpurchase.


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