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CSR Racing Review

Let’s face it, the majority of racing games available today are terrible. Not all of them, but definitely the majority of them. I really believe their heydays of amazing racing games like the original Colin McRae and need to speed Underground are gone. So when I came out of place. C. S. R racing. I really wasn’t holding my breath. It’s really difficult to get a responsive and balanced game mechanics for handling of cars.

But that isn’t strictly necessary in CSR racing as it’s not a typical racing game you don’t have to turn any corners. It’s just a drag race. My immediate reaction was to think the developers have tried making as many shortcuts is possible to release a game. I mean, what’s a racing game without any corners. Surely that’s just terrible. But if I think back to my days of need for speed underground. I can remember the drag races and I thought there were incredibly good fun. In fact, I’m not sure if it was variety or the races themselves, but I remember them being one of my favourite types of stages.

So with that in mind, I decided to give CSR racing a try. The game is absolutely free to download and play which is fantastic. There is a bit of a grind involved in the game, but thankfully there is a csr racing hack available that will let you change value in the game and cheat it. I’ll go and get into a little bit more about how the business model works and there are aspects that you can pay for real-world currency, but first I want to talk about the game a little bit.

When you load up the game you initially see the splash screen followed by a background of five people. For five people at the five bosses within the game. You could beat them in turn. As you want to progress through the game. The game is five different tiers in each tier you contact the race and money upgrades car and be progressively more difficult opponents until you get to the boss wants you beat the Boss you can progress to the next tier.

Before are they race begins you need to go to your garage and select which car you want to use. When you first start the game You can have one vehicle, obviously, to keep playing on a more money you can buy new vehicles next you will select the stairs you want to do There are a range of different difficulties You can choose from. 

When the race first Lord’s the first thing to be struck by is how beautiful the game looks. For a game that runs on a mobile device. Seriously The graphics are awesome. To do well {you really going to have to master the start. Get the perfect launch will help you go a long way in this game. You want to trying keep it that the Green level when the race begins in you get a nice boost next you need to shift gears perfectly to keep you speed up and use nitrous oxide to boost at the right time. All this sounds quite simple but let me tell you, it’s very difficult to get perfect, but incredibly rewarding.

Once you finish the race. It will be presented with a breakdown of how well you did an also get money. This money is then use to buy an upgrade, parts for your car. This is perhaps the most addictive part of it, The progression element. The problem here is a lot of the items are incredibly expensive, especially new cars and the way they draw you into the game is to pay real-world currency to get the items you really want. You can actually grind and not spend any money, but the game. It even months to complete quite typically you can spend a few dollars to play this game.

Overall an amazing game, even if you’re not really into racing games, it’s a game more about timing strategy and it is incredibly enjoyable. Play it here

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