RisingStar - Ouran High School Host Club episodes
1: Starting today, you are a host!
2: The job of a high school host!
3: Beware of the physical exams!
4: Attack of the lady manager!
5: The twins fight!
6: The grade school host is the naughty type!
7: Jungle pool SOS!
8: The sun, the sea and the host club!
9: A challenge from the Lobelia girls academy!
10: A day in the life of the Fujioka family!
11: Big brother is a prince!
12: Honey-sempais three bitter days!
13: Haruhi in wonderland!
14: Covering the famous host club!
15: The refreshing battle in Karuizawa!
16: Operation Haruhi and Hikarus first date!
17: Kyoyas reluctant day out!
18: Chikas "Down with Honey" declaration!
19: The Lobelia girls academy strikes back!
20: The door the twins opened!
21: Until the day it becomes a pumpkin!
22: Mori-sempai has an apprentice candidate!
23: Tamakis unwitting depression!
24: And so Kyoya met him!
25: The host club declares dissolution!
26: This is our Ouran fair!
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