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Flights to Bangalore drop their anchors in the Bangalore international airport, one of the busiest airports of India. Bangalore is the Capital of Indian state of Karnataka. It is the main focal point for IT development with huge exceptional buildings that particularize the city as the Silicon Valley of India. It is the IT-hub in India. Bangalore is termed as the pensioner’s paradise for its green scenic gardens and parks. Pyramid Valley, Bull Temple, Vidhan Saudha, Lalbagh, St Mary Basilica, Jamia Masjid and Bangalore palace are awarded as the seven wonders of Bangalore by the recent survey and are major destinations to visit Bangalore for the tourists coming from around the world on direct flights to Bangalore.

Pyramid Valley is the heaven on earth. It is the huge pyramid shaped meditation hall. Vidhan Saudha stands tall over the Cubban Park sheltering the state legislature and is built with monumental granite in Dravidian culture. The tourists hasp their looks from this mountainous sculpture when the high beam lights are on. Bannerghatta National Park is one of the biggest national parks of India. The accustomed wildlife of the park is worth visiting. Safari will take you to the convenient look of the fierce animals.

Explore Bangalore by hanging out in the pubs of ‘Pub City’ Bangalore which comes alive in nights as it hosts many pubs. Bangalore contains The ISKCON Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Kempegowda Fort, historical Tipu Sultan Palace and more to perceive with the eyes. Jamia Masjid is the largest constructional mosque and is one of the exceptionally accomplished massive Structures of India that explicate the history of Islamic tradition.

St. Mary Basilica is the extensive ancient church in Bangalore structured by the French artists in the form of a cross. A magnificent statue of the mother Mary holding the Child Jesus attracts the devotees. The Annual feast is celebrated by the devotees every year. Lalbagh is termed as one of the best gardens of the east for its scenic beauty and maintenance. It is popularized for its unique acquisition in developing the concept of horticulture. It provides a venue for people to get close to plants and nature.

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