Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones history 1960 - 1969


October. Keith & Mick meet on the train from Dartfort to London. The economiststudent Mick has 4-5 R&B-records under his arms. A friendship is rekindled.


17th March. Alexis Korners Blues Incorporated play their first gig with Charlie Watts on the drums.

7th April. Mick,Keith and the bass player Dick Taylor go to see Blues Incorporated and fall in with their guitarist Brian Jones.

12th July. With Blues Incorporated playing a radio session for the BBC, The Rolling Stones fill their usual Marquee slot. The line-up comprises Mick, Keith, Brian, Dick Taylor, Ian Stewart and future Kinks drummer Mick Avory.

7th December. Bill Wyman auditions for the band, playing his first gig at Putney Church Hall eight days later.


Januar. Charlie Watts joins The Rolling Stones on the advise of Alexis Korner. His first gig is at Soho´s Flamingo Jazz Club on the 14th.

24th February. The first date of a regular sunday night residency at Richmond´s Station Hotel.

28th April. 19 year old Andrew Oldham, formerly a  PR man for Brian Epstein, checks out the band and within a week has snatched their management from Giogio Gomelsky.

9th May. Decca Records sign The Rolling Stones and rush them into the Olympic Studios with Andrew Oldham the following day.

7th June.Their first single "Come On" written by Chuck Berry is released. On the flipside is "I Wanna Be Loved." 

7th July.The Rolling Stones first TV exposure sees them perform with "Come On" on Thank You Lucky Stars. 

28th August.Their debut on Ready Steady Go.

10th September.The band finishes the recording of "I Wanna Be Your Man," an unreleased Lennon-McCartney composition. The single becomes their first UK Top 20 hit.

29th September. A first 30 date UK tour with The Everly Brothers, Bo Diddley and later Little Richard.

October. Brian, Bill and Charlie back Bo Diddley on a radio session.

All the following informations are taken from the book: According to The Rolling Stones.


2nd January.The Rolling Stones take their bow on the first ever edition of BBC-TV´s Top Of The Pops, broadcast from Manchester. Two UK tours follow in succesive months.                          

2nd May.Their first album "The Rolling Stones" reaches UK No. 1 after only eight days on sale. A gig in Rochdale is abandoned when the audience riots.

1st June.The Band fly out for their first US tour. 

5th June.The US tour starts in San Bernandino.

June. A session at the legendary Chess studios in Chicago sees them meet Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon. A Chess-cut track, "It´sAll Over Now" will become their first single chart-topper.

19th September."AsTears Go By", written by Mick Jagger for girlfriend Marianne Faithfull makes the Top 10, as The Rolling Stones are touring the UK once again.

25th October.Two months after the Stateside version of their first album "England´s Newest Hit Makers" reaches US No. 11, an Ed Sullivan Show TV appearance sparks an audience riot. "We won´t book any more rock´n´roll groups." Ed Sullivan vows.

28th-29th October.The Rolling Stones record the TAMI (Teen Age MusicInternational) show at Santa Monica.

3rd December. "Little Red Rooster", penned by Chess blues-man Willie Dixon goes straight to No. 1 in the UK thanks to 300.000  advancesales. 


21st January.A first Australasian/Far East tour kicks off with a 3.000 fanriot at Sydney Airport. 

6th February.The"The Rolling Stones No. 2" tops the UK album chart.

18th March."The Last Time" deposes Tom Jones to reign at UK No. 1 for 3 weeks. The same day three ofThe Rollings Stones are caught using the wall of a London petrolstation as a urinal: £5 fines result.

23rd April.A third North American tour in Montreal as "The Rolling Stones Now" hits USA No. 5.                                           Ed Sullivan lets the band film behind closed doors.  

1st August.The Rolling Stones make their debut at the London Palladium.The Walker Brothers and The Moody Blues among the supporting acts. 

August.Their first album in stereo, "Out Of Our Heads", shoots to US No. 1 as Allan Klein is apointed co-manager. 


4th September.The Rolling Stones fly from Ireland to LA in the same month that" (I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction", allready a US No. 1, reaches the top in Britain.                                              A sixth UK tour begins..

October. The US-recorded "Out Of Our Heads" is held off the UK No. 1 spot by the The Sound Of Music film soundtrack. LA-recorded "Get Off Of My Cloud" will go one better in November.


19.February."19th Nervous Breakdown" ends a run of five succesive UK No. 1s by stalling behind Nancy Sinatra.

April."Aftermath", the first album totally penned by Jagger and Richards, spends eight weeks at UK No. 1. "Paint It Black" follows it to the top.


July.While touring in the USA together with The Standells and McCoys, two Jagger/Richards composisions are becomming hits with other artists back home in England. "Sittin´ On A Fence" with Twice As Much and "Out Of Time", that reach No. 1 with Chris Farlow.

October.The band appears in ladies clouth and Bill Wyman sits in a wheelchair on the pressphoto promoting the single "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow".


15th January."Let´s Spend The Night Together" is censored by US televison, Mick Jagger singing "Let´s Spend SOME TIME Together".

5th Februar. As "Between The Buttons" heads for UK No. 3, US No. 2, The Rolling Stones sue News Of The World news-paper after they allege drug use.

12th February. Redlands, Keith´s country house in Sussex, is raided and he and Mick are charged with drugs offences. 

June. Brian Jones attends the Montery Festival.

29th June.Mick and Keith spend a night apiece in jail before receiving bail, and eventually a conditional discharge /  acquittal.    

29th September. The Rolling Stones and Andrew Oldham finally part company.

30th October. Brian Jones ig sentenced to nine months imprisonment on drugs charges, but this is rescinded in December. 


January."Their Satanic Majesties Request", The Rolling Stones self-produced psychedelic album, reaches UK No 3, US No 2.  

June."Jumpin´ Jack Flash" gives the band their first UK No. 1 single for nearly two years.

September.  "Street Fighting Man" is banned by US radio, only reaching No. 48 as aconssequence.

5th December."Beggars Banquet", a UK No. 3 hit, appears in a white sleeve ratherthan the originally planned "toilet wall" artwork.

11th-12thDecember. "The Rock And Roll Circus" TV special is recorded with JohnLennon, Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton, Jethro Tull, Marianne Faithfulland The Who, but is not screened due to the Rolling Stones dessatisfaction with the result of the shoot.


8.June. The Daily Skeetch headlines "Brian Jones quits The Rolling Stones as Group Clash Over Songs". Mick Taylor is appointedfour days later. 


3rd July. Brian Jones is found dead in the swimming pool of his house. Bill, Keith and Charlie attend his funeral, held on the 10th in his home town of Cheltenham.

5th July.The Rolling Stones play Hyde Park as the chart-topping  "HonkyTonk Women" is released. They dedicate the day to Brian Jones.

6th December. A late date on the band´s sixth US tour at the Altamont speedway circuit in Northern California, writes its name into rock infamyas an 18 year old audience member, Meredith Hunter, is fatally stabbed by Hell´s Angels.


20. December. "Let it bleed" reaches UK No. 1. 

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