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Self Adhered Commercial Roofing

Self-adhered roofing systems are the wave of the future. No screw guns, no kettles, no torches, no more five gallon pails of adhesive. The only down fall is that they will not work when installed by less skilled applicators. For a commercial roof replacement you will need to contract your local roofing professional.


Self adhered roofing products eliminate worries about maintaining proper liquid adhesive coverage on the job site. These roof systems have taken a lot of application variables out of the equation by using factory applied adhesives. The speed of installation is surprisingly quick.

Contractor Opinions

42% of contractors have not used self adhered TPO

58% of contractors like self adhered roofing systems

Potential Problems

Proper alignment of the sheets is critical to seam integrity. Maintaining proper pressure during installation is critical. Application of the membrane in low temperatures may compromise adhesion. Moisture on the substrate from rain or dew can contribute to poor adhesion of the membrane.

These membranes address many industry concerns, including labor shortages.

100,000 Square foot labor savings in hours

Self adhered TPO: 1,200 hours

Two-ply, hot applied modified bitumen: 3,600 hours

Moving Forward

According to the state of the industry report, more than 90% of contractors are satisfied with the performance of TPO, which bodes well for the future of the newer self adhered commercial roofing systems.

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