Sabbat - Character Creation
Before each player creates a character, the players need to agree which pack they want to belong to.
Each pack follows a different path of enlightenment, and has a different area of expertise. For more information on packs see the section called "Packs and Titles".

When the pack is chosen the players need to discuss what positions they want within the pack.
The position of pack priest is available, and so are any areas of responsibility the players may want. The only position within the pack that the players cannot choose from the beginning is Ductus (pack leader).

When the players have discussed this they're free to assign the dots on their character sheet and create their individual backgrounds.
The character is made from the standard character creation presented in Guide to the Sabbat.

Attributes: 7/5/3
Abilities: 13/9/5
Disciplines: 4
Virtues: 5 (conscience, self-control and courage begin at one,
conviction and instinct start at zero)
Backgrounds: 0 (though they may be bought with freebie points)
Freebiepoints: 15 (+up to 7 points from flaws)
Starting Willpower: Equal to the characters courage rating (before spending freebie points)
Starting path rating: Equal to conscience/conviction + self-control/instinct

Prerequisites: Due to the strict tenets of a path of enlightenment other than Humanity No cainite on such a path can begin play with less than 5 points of willpower.

Limitations: No attributes, abilities or disciplines above 3 (except for the unavoidable level 4 attribute), and no character can begin with a path rating higher than 5. 
The players characters have each been undead for 0-50 years.

Freebie points can be spent on almost anything as long as it makes sense for a vampire of its station (clan, pack, age, personality), but is of course subject to storyteller approval.
This includes out of clan disciplines, though clan-specific disciplines are off limits. 

The available merits and flaws can be found in the Merits and Flaws section, and the clans available for play are listed in the Clans section.
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