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Welcome to The World of Darkness.

This campaign is set in the setting of Vampire the Masquerade 20th anniversary addition, and the players will be playing as members of the Sabbat.
The players need not acquire this book, as I have put the necessary knowledge on this website. And on this note I ask the players to read the Rules section, as I have chosen to use some of the rules we have not used in the past. I also encourage the players to read the Disciplines section as the systems for some of these are different from the settings previous editions.

What I want out of this campaign is to introduce a different side of the vampiric nature, and expose the players to a more fanatical (and somewhat darker) lifestyle present in the World of Darkness.

Although this campaign is a Vampire campaign, I intend to involve the players in matters where other supernatural entities are present, as well as things that are solely vampire related.
Make no mistake; the sects are at war, and the campaign will therefore involve elements of combat and death.
The challenge of such acts will not only be surviving, but also planning such endeavors properly (whenever possible) and covering them up.

The characters will be playing members of the same pack; The same pack as their sires (whether they're still among the undead or not). This pack will have 4-7 members, and although the position of Ductus will not be available to the players - one of them could be the pack priest if they so desire. And although the players are of the same pack, this in no way prohibits them from having contacts within the other packs.
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