Sabbat - The City
Chicago, Illinois.
In mortal terms Chicago is a city of wealth and culture. It's known both for its museums, operas, theatres and architecture as well as its business commerce and indutry. It used to be known for its nightlife as well, but after the ban of alcohol these places has since been shut down.
At the moment the city is in a state of civil turmoil. The ban has resulted in many people losing their jobs and having to resort to criminal activities to make a living. A thing various criminal organizations (known as mafia families) have taken advantage of; making and smuggling alcohol, and serving it in their various speakeasies. Through bribing cops, extorting politicians, robbing banks and generally forcing their way into most aspects of the city the mob families have, to some extent, taken control of Chicago.

Vampires however are waging a different war.
Although Lodin and Modius have made their peace with eachother, and the Anarchs are suprressed by Lodins will, a secret war is still being waged.
Our Arch Bishop, Jacob, manuevers the vastly outnumbered Sabbat in an effort to wrest control of the city from the wretched Camarilla, whilst attempting to avenge the murder of another Arch Bishop, and the former ductus of "The Dignified", by the hands of the vile Modius - the prince of Gary, Indiana.
Because we're outnumbered, the members of the Sabbat have been forced to either assimilate and pretend to live a life within the pathetic Camarilla - allowing them to move freely within the city, but revealing their existence to the elders. Or live in hiding, but in the process being free to be who, and what, we are - and attempting to evade our enemies.
As a result of these, very different, lifestyles few Sabbat know each other - except maybe by name. In addition any Cainite making attempts against the Camarilla must plan his or her attacks well in order to avoid retaliation. 

Most cainites who pretend to be camarilla have their homes in Chicago, while most who have chosen to live in hiding live in Gary or in the suburbs.

Note: Jacob only allows Cainites of the following paths of enlightenment within the city; The path of Honorable Accord, Path of Caine, Path of the Feral Heart and Path of Power and the Inner Voice.
Not long after this took effect, many years ago, the packs themselves decided to organize themselves according to Paths.

Also because of the nature of the war in Chicago, Jacob has decreed that each pack is responsible for the area surrounding their nests as well as any private havens. He has made it clear that it's absolutely crucial for the survival of the Sabbat at this moment that no pack draws unnecessary attention to itself; as such it's prudent that any abnormalities near a nest or haven is investigated, and dealt with if needed.
That being said; There are some situations that require a certain degree of attention, and as such any necessary attention is tolerated.

Events of Significance:

1799: The Dignified came to Chicago led by their ductus; Violet Tremain.

1861-1865: The American Civil War; a time of easy feeding for vampires of both sides.

1871: The Great Chicago Fire, also known as The Devils Night; many Cainites went missing during this night; some caught in the fire, some fled, and some succumbed to the restful state of torpor.

1873: Lodin becomes prince of Chicago.

1880: Modius rebels (secretly supported by Violet Tremain); becomes prince of Gary in late october. 

1885: Modius kills Violet Tremain; Newly named Arch Bishop of New York.

1913: Lodin makes peace with Modius.

1920: The Phohibition begins; A nationwide ban of alchohol voted into effect by the citizens of the United States; resulting in millions of americans becoming criminals.

The Sabbat:

The Sabbat is led by the Arch Bishop Jacob, of the Lasombra clan, who is one of the few elders within the Illinois Sabbat. Overseeing the entire state of Illinois he is seldom present in Chicago and has therefore left his two Bishops in charge in his absence; both of whom oversee an entire city.
The bishop Lee oversees the city of Chicago and the activities of Lodin and his kindred.
And the bishop Victoria oversees the city of Gary and the activities of Modius and his kindred.
Each of the bishops have their own area of expertise. Victoria serves as the high priestess of the Sabbat, and as such serves as the Sabbats spiritual leader. Lee is the military general of the Sabbat and as such in charge of all things martial.

The Camarilla:
It is well known that the Camarilla kindred outnumber the Sabbat cainites in the city by far, and even worse has more than its fair share of elders.
Chicago, led by prince Lodin, is said to be the Camarilla's stronghold in the united states. It's a city of strict rules, and great vigilance. Lodin and his generals keep a close watch on the city, sending the Sheriff to punish all who break Lodins laws swiftly and harshly.
But the Chicago kindred is by no means considered the only threat to the cainites of Chicago. Sout-east of Chicago is the city of Gary, Indiana. While technically in another state, this city is still part of Chicago Metropolitan area, located only 25 miles from downtown Chicago. 
Prince Modius rules Gary, and although the rules here are less strict than in Chicago, Modius is considered just as dangerous as Lodin due to the fact that he managed to kill the Arch Bishop of New York, Violet Tremain, on her way from Chicago to New York. 
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