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Greetings guy! My name is Sakura Minami Echigaki, 23 years old from Akiba, Tokyo, I am a graduate of BS Education at Tokyo, Japan. I am currently teaching as a history professor. Let me share something about ,y profession.

Here we go! This the time where in students are quite driven to write their term paper, journal, essay, and many more because they have just came from their holiday vacation. Well as a harbringer of knowledge, I make sure that I am in the right timing and moment when I give those writing pre-requisites or requirements to ensure quality in their output and to avoid them being bored and pressured. I believe in my student's writing skills and ability. These kids have more room for improvement.

I have encountered different kinds of writings from different students, and I have came up with a conclusion that they o excel in those various topics of their interests. My plan for this quarter is that to make them work on a research paper in which the topic is about their own interest. When I say "their own interest", it means everything under the sun which touches their interest. Let's see if it will work better to make them write more quality writings. I'll post my conclusion about my quarter project after I finished checking all of their papers.
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