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Keyboard mod ideas I am lucky because i could probably leave the keys as they are, after all, black with silver characters is reasonably stylish. I was thinking of spraying teh black surrounds in silver, and changing the outer silver buttons to black, then possibly removing the plastic around where the microsoft logo is and adding a small lcd to show cpu temperature(I have software to allow it). I will probably do it in a few months when i am less busy, but i may as well start planning now so i don't have to spend the time later. Does anyone have any ralph lauren uk sale other ideas? [Also, does anyone know how do get teh shiny finish the Alienware keyboards have they customize a similar Microsoft keyboard] Intel pentium iii ralphlaurensaleuk 1ghz coppermine Hercules ralph lauren mens shirts prophet ii ultra 64mb Msi ms6309(Via apollo pro 133a) 512MB PC133 RAM w/Ramsinks 60GB Seagate Barracuda 5400rpm (This was extremely powerful back in 2000) Not sure about the alienware finish.I've used"Premium rustoleum hammered finish"On several projects now and have been quite pleased with it.I'm pretty sure silver is available.I used green on my xbox and black on my comp and drives.A friend used blue on his xbox and it looks sweet.It's about $6 a can at home depot;That should be more than enough for your keyboard. If you want it really shiny, get car spraypaint.Sandpaper the keyboard.Starting with something like 100grit paper and moving up gradually to around 1200.Then the surface will be really smooth.Then primer it, sandpaper down.Primer again, sandpaper down.Then apply thin coats of the paint.After that you should apply a couple of thin clear coats.Make sure ralphlaurenuk u leave plenty of time for each coat to dry.If u spray more coats while the paint is still wet it might run.Or if the paint is not totally dry when u spray the next coat it will take alot longer to dry.

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