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Lakeland terrier dog breed temperament Description:The lakeland terrier is a small and sturdy dog, which is squarely proportioned.They are similar in looks, to the welsh terrier.This breed, however, is smaller, the head is rectangular, with the muzzle and nose appearing strong.Their nose is black, and can be liver colour, with the liver coloured coats.This breed has small ears that are v shaped, and folded over.The eyes are oval and small.Their teeth meet in a level edge to edge, slightly overlapping scissor bite.With sturdy front legs that are straight when viewed from the front.This dogs' tail is docked, in countries that permit this, and is set high.This breed has a double coat with the outer coat being harsh and wiry and the undercoat being close to the skin, this is soft.This breed is usually cut short on the body coat, to exaggerate the head, muzzle and legs.The colours we see, on the coat, are black, liver, red, blue and wheaten all of which are solid colours.This breed also comes in saddle markings, where the second colour is seen on the back of the neck, backside, and tail.Their height is not above 14 inches, with the dogs' weight around 17 pounds and bitches around 15 pounds.This breed lives to around 12 years and have been recorded to live as long as 16 years. History:This breed dates back to 1800, and is one of the oldest terriers, still here today.The gene pool for this terrier is a mix of old english wild haired terrier and the bedlington terrier party dresses online sale this was a working dog and was used to stop vermin from destroying crops and upsetting herds.The lakeland terrier, would pursue a fox or badger to their dens, over any terrain, woods, fields and water.The idea being to chase and eventually kill its prey.This dog was recognized as the breed in 1921, and by the akc in 1934.The lakeland terrier is still used as a hunting dog, companion and show dog.Some of the talents this dog shows are tracking, watchdog, and hunting. Temperament:This is a lovely affectionate dog that is highly alert, and lively, with lots of confidence.The lakeland terrier is particularly good with children.This dog needs firmness, and training, with the owner being a good leader.This eveningesonline dog is a very keen digger and can be prone to obsessive barking, if not well handled and trained away from the habit.The dog can be trained quite easily with the only problem being, taking its time to potty train.As this is a bright dog training needs variety, to challenge the dog.This dog will get along well with other dogs but socializing, at a young age, with cats and other household pets is needed.This breed needs a leader that his firm or problems may arise such as tending to guard the toys and food, becoming a dog aggressive and obsessively barking.With good leadership, these will not occur, along with daily walks and training.This can be an excellent dog.

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