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has chritianlouboutinhoeale a sense of humor

Kim kardashian pulls huge prank on bruce Kim kardashian apparently still has chritianlouboutinhoeale a sense of humor, despite her divorce issues with ex kris humphries, as she recently pulled off a huge hoax on her stepfather, bruce jenner, involving her pricey ferrari. (Perhaps she's walking on sunshine, so to speak, because of a certain kanye west! )But, in the"Reality"Life of the kardashianjenner clan, it's possible this little prank was a bit artificial;Just for show and for those cameras, as the fam is filming the new season of keeping up with the kardashians.Nevertheless, justin bieber obviously isn't the only hot celeb one who can play the practical jokesterfrom planking to coneing to that infamous punk'd stunt, where he made poor taylor swift think she ruined a wedding. On tuesday, a christian louboutinclad kim kardashian and bruce jenner went gocarting together(Yes, with the reality tv camera crew in tow), perhaps for a bit of"Daughterstepfather"Bonding time.As daily mail reports, jenner wanted to take kardashian's whitehot wheels for a spin, too, but she had other ideas.She hid more than just the keys, strategically and slyly moving her $220, 000 ferrari 458 italia from its original parking slot to another place, leading jenner to think the vehicle was stolen! But, good ole' bruce jenner seemed to take in all in stride, at least according to daily mail, when kim kardashian finally came clean on her little prank.Of course, he may have been in on it all along, given that the pair was filming their"Reality"Series.This little joke seems a bit too silly(Kind of like bieber's punk'd)To be legit and not planned by the producers.Better to maybe chalk up this car scare to some serious creative license. Like many shows in the popular Reality genre, keeping up with the kardashians, khloe and lamar, and the rest are perhaps far more scripted and planned than"Real"Real life.After all, even the kardashians need to add some"Kolor"To keep their ratings up.

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