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Chuck hagel cheap michael kors bags uk senate hearing 01 Michigan democratic sen.Carl levin, chairman of the committee, cited this quote from hagel in regard to his military service: "Probably most fundamental for me.When we talk of going to war.We need to think it through carefully, not just for the political and the geopolitical and the diplomatic and the economic consequencesand those are important.But at least for me, this old infantry sergeant thinks about when i was in vietnam in 1968.Someone needs to represent that perspective in our government as well.The people in washington make the policy, but it's the little guys who come back in the body bags. " For those observers looking forward to potentially tense moments and tough questioning, hagel will likely face the most scrutiny from republican sens.John mccain, an old friend with whom he split with in later years;Kelly ayotte, elected in 2010 and working to build credibility as a foreign policy hawk and heir to mccain;And mike lee of utah and ted cruz of texas, both tea party standardbearers and newer members unlikely to be swayed by hagel's record of service in the senate.News world report 1/31/2013 3:32:55 PM Hagel expounds on a question from florida democratic sen.Bill nelson on whether he was injured in vietnam to further explain his worldview based on military service. "1968 when my brother and I served there was the worst year we had,"He says, citing the 16, 000 americans who died. "I saw that from the bottom. " Tying in mccain's repeated questions about hagel's criticism of the iraq surge: "I did question the surge,"He says. "Was it required?Was it necessary?Sen.Mccain has his opinion on thati'm not sure. " "I'm not shaped, framed, ichaeloragcheap molded, consumed by that experience, but it's a part of me. " Missouri democratic sen.Claire mccaskill asks hagel about the waste, fraud and abuse in afghanistan, particularly in building infrastructure under the military, not organizations such as usaid. (Examples of this waste here and here. ) "When you think about the universe of money that went into both those wars, no one should be surprised,"Hagel says. "We need to learn from this.It wasn't the fault of the military.The military was asked to do everything.We overloaded the circuits of the military. "

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