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Alistair goodman Alistair goodman brings to placecast over 20 years of experience working in marketing and product development efforts for media and technology companies.At placecast, he leads a team of mobile, technology and marketing experts who have created the wedding dresses online sale most scalable, proven, locationbased marketing system currently available. Placecast's partners include at and telefonica's o2 in the uk.The company runs mobile marketing programs CheapPromes for brands including the north face, kiehls, starbucks and l'oreal, providing millions of consumers with relevant messages, available on any mobile phone. Prior to joining placecast, alistair was vice president of strategic marketing at exponential interactive, an online media services and technology company whose flagship brand, the tribal fusion ad network, grew to be one of the largest privatelyheld digital media companies in the us during his time there.

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