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Samsung VS Apple
The South Korean electronics giant Samsung announces record profits. By the patent dispute with rival Apple, the idyll is threatened.

Who sold the world by far the most smartphones? Apple? Wrong.

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has about twice as many devices from. Only from July to September, there were about 50 million units. Sure, many of which are relatively inexpensive devices that cost between 100 and 200 euros. But Samsung is also a leader in the high-priced equipment.

The flagship Galaxy S III, the processing power and display the new iPhone 5 are equal, sold to analysts' estimates this period about 20 million times in the third quarter, Samsung has therefore broken his winning record. 5.6 billion euros, the Group earned operating with two-thirds of smartphones. This is no longer so far away from Apple, which got in the second quarter more than twice as much money in the till.

The market is growing rapidly

Samsung has earned its place at the head hard. But Samsung could quickly come under pressure. Still the smartphone market is growing rapidly, the global sales this year to be around $ 200 billion. Since it is still easy to enforce high prices, although the Samsung devices - unlike Apple's iPhone, which has its own operating system - does not differ fundamentally from the other phones that are equipped with Google's Android operating system.

The unchecked growth will not be able to go long. Already for next year, analysts expect that the margins of the smartphone manufacturers could come under pressure - even by Apple, which has still a very large cushion.

A real price war breaks out because the demand lags behind the fast-growing capacity, it is very uncomfortable for Samsung. Especially since the South Koreans in patent dispute with Apple have worse cards. Recently, they were sentenced to a fine of one billion dollars. Although not sure if the judgment has inventory: Samsung is on a long time always have to expect to pay heavy fines or even get pressed sale bans.

Samsung is currently the largest smartphone company in the world. But he sits not as firmly in the saddle, as suggested by the sales and record profits. Even the booming smartphone market will have their limits.

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