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Dear Diary 1

The time is now 23:06 .... Mood: Tired and not tired

Yesterday i hurt my back .... falled because of the snow/ice : /   I injoy Winter, very much, but know is it time for Summer to come. Anyway, i was home all day ( my mom wont let me out because of my back) so i was quiet bored... Until ! .. My bf came to my house, to give me some company smiley.gif

He wanted to bake me a cake .. Haha ! it was funny smiley.gif .... he tryed his best, so i would give the cake 3 Stars out of 5 ... and it also tasted very good ... but it was kinda burned, and i dont know why, but he had put salt in it ... so he just lost 1 point there, heeh smiley.gif He baked it and it was kinda good, so that was very sweet he wanted to do that hjerte.png

Went to the Doctor today.. She said my back would hurt for a while, but nothing serious was wrong ... so that mean : No Sport ... That sucks.... But i think i CAN play some soccer ;)

Thats all for .. today.. even though it is night hjerte.png ... Goodnight, Knuzz Sarah


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